November Highlights

The team has been working hard to bring new and exciting features to Humley Studio. We’ve got several new additions we can’t wait to tell you about.

Analytics – Being able to build powerful and rich conversations is great, but understanding how your users are interacting is essential. You’ve always been able to explore conversations and understand what your users are asking. Now, with the introduction of our new Analytics page, you’re able to dig deeper and understand your users quicker than ever before. Whether you’re looking at feedback percentages, queries being responded to with a Long tail list, or not being answered at all, our new analytics page has the answer. It’s now available by clicking on the Analytics icon shown within the side menu.

User Management – Tenancy Admins & Project Owners now have the ability to invite new users to their tenancies and projects via the tooling. Tenancy Admins can invite users to the tenancy by clicking on the User Management option shown in the top navigation and Project Owners can add new Collaborators to their project at the click of a button via the User Management menu within their project options.

Feedback Extension – You now have the ability to control whether or not your assistant should show the user feedback options within a conversation and edit the way it asks for feedback.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to revealing our latest additions later this month.

– The Humley Team

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