January Highlights

The team has been working hard to bring new and exciting features to Humley Studio. We’ve got several new additions we can’t wait to tell you about.

Automated Training Material by Octavo – At Humley we’re always focused on allowing you to build rich conversational experiences that can be deployed rapidly. With the introduction of Automated Training Material by Octavo you can now do this faster than ever before.
Using Automated Training Material by Octavo, you generate alternative phrasings of your user inputs at the click of a button. Simply enable Automated Training Material when you train your project and we’ll generate a selection of different phrasings based on the inputs you provide.
Although Automated Training Material by Octavo is still in beta, we’re seeing some great results – but bear in mind that you’ll still need to write a few different variations to give the system quality information to work with.

Query Insights – Having the tools to build an awesome conversation is great, but if you’re not able to explore what your users are asking you’ll never be able to make informed decisions on how you can iterate your experience. At Humley, we’ve always given you the ability to explore conversations and understand the usage of your assistant. Now, with the addition of query insights, you have more control than ever before.

Whether you’re looking at which queries received positive or negative feedback, which queries received multiple responses or those that didn’t receive any responses at all, you can now access this by clicking on any query within the Analytics page.

Import Entities via CSV – We get it, adding entities can take a long time, especially when your entity has hundreds of values. To speed this up we’ve added the ability to upload entities via CSV. This means that you can now easily create your entity lists using existing data sets and bring them into your conversational experience at the click of a button.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to revealing our latest additions later this month.

– The Humley Team

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