March Highlights

Every month we’re excited to tell you about the new features and improvements were making to Humley Studio, and this month is no different. This month we’ve made the following changes:

Training Enhancements – To enhance the performance and consistency of our intent classification we have made a number of adjustments to training, ensuring that your conversational experiences function the best they possibly can. This includes considerable improvements to how we handle punctuation as well as resolving the rare occurrence of a failed training task.

In addition, we’ve been working hard in preparation for April and we have some great things coming to Humley Studio very shortly.

User-controlled data retention – How we store your data has always been important for us, and we’ve always had a focus on ensuring personal information is encrypted and stored safely. However, we wanted to give you more control over the way you control your data. To do this, you’ll soon be able to configure data retention rules surrounding all of your entities and variables.

Knowledge Search Experience – One of the key elements of Humley Studio is giving you the ability to create a rich conversational assistant that orchestrates a selection of different technologies. You’ve always had the ability to utilize our technology in different ways, however, this has mainly behind the scenes. In April we’ll be bringing this to the forefront with the addition of Knowledge Search – an easy method for searching documents and returning depending their relation to a user’s query. This will be released as a new project type that allows you to quickly get started with Knowledge Search, with API access to bring this into your experiences.

This year we also plan to make it easy to integrate this into your conversational experience directly from Humley Studio so you can enable knowledge search with the click of a button.

Flow Confirmation – Taking a user step by step through a number of different questions to gather information is often a foundation for many conversational assistants, and providing an easy method to do this has always been at the forefront of Humley Studio. But, what happens when a user makes a mistake? You can already confirm information within a flow, but we realized this wasn’t simple to set up. So, in April, we’ll be releasing a new and improved Confirmation module within Flow that will allow a user to easily double-check the information they’ve entered before an action takes place – ensuring that your customers are getting the correct information they need.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to revealing our latest additions later this month.

– The Humley Team

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