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Gain Greater Insight into Employees with Conversational AI

Employees are the heart and soul of any organisation, ensuring output and future success. Therefore, retaining high quality employees through ensuring their satisfaction is critical. This is particularly pertinent for organisations who manage teams working across multiple time zones and locations. To support remote teams, organisations need to create consistency across their workforce to ensure not only engagement and productivity, but also compliance.

‍HR teams are on the front line of identifying, understanding, and resolving employee concerns. Organisations rely on them to flag areas of potential unhappiness and devise solutions to manage these situations, however, this can often be challenging considering that a large proportion of their time is taken up with performing repetitive and mundane tasks such as responding to admin communications and requests. Handling these requests and communications inhibits HR Teams from focusing on higher value tasks such as proactively identifying potential areas of employee dissatisfaction and developing strategic initiatives to resolve them before they happen.

‍In addition, HR Teams are also tasked with developing effective communication strategies to ensure employees are engaged with the organisation’s strategy and are also recognised and rewarded for their achievements. This ensures, employees are motivated within their roles and are more likely to remain with the company – ultimately improving productivity but also reducing re-hiring costs.

Employee Digital Assistant

Conversational AI Assistants could provide organisations and HR Teams with a solution to these challenges through providing greater insight into employees. This is achieved through not only providing greater employee insight via  intuitive dashboards, but also by automating 80% of inbound employee communications and requests – generating a 30% time saving for HR teams, freeing them up to focus on employee wellness and engagement.

‍Humley’s HR Assistant provides People Teams with prebuilt and customisable dashboards and reports, which track metrics such as FAQs triggered, employee feedback and volume of communications. These metrics 

provide HR experts with an insight into employee satisfaction and proactively help to identify trends which could impact the long-term success of an organisation.

For example, a HR department might be receiving a high number of requests from employees asking about holiday allowance or trying to book time off. This could indicate high levels of stress across the workforce, which may ultimately lead to people leaving. Through better visibility of data, HR Teams can address these trends before they start to have a long-term negative impact on the employee’s wellbeing and on the wider organization.

‍Conversational AI platforms also support HR Teams through their ability to automate and trigger communications to employees. AI Assistant platforms are available on demand, 24/7 and means that employees receive immediate responses to their questions, reducing the amount of time and frustration caused by the need to navigate complex systems and communication channels. Furthermore, HR Teams can use Conversational AI platforms to automatically issue rewards and recognition to employees whenever and wherever they are, positively impacting individuals happiness and engagement.

‍In conclusion, in these challenging times, it is more important than ever to understand employees to ensure that they are connected and supported. Conversational AI could offer organisations and HR Teams a solution to gaining greater insight into their workforce, ensuring their satisfaction and as a result the future success of an organisation.


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