How Conversational AI Assistants can enrich the employee experience

The business landscape has transformed beyond recognition. The pandemic has focused the minds of leaders and expedited the rate of digital transformation adoption. Welcome to workplace 2035, today!

‍HXM/Human Experience Management or employee experience are one and the same thing, essentially placing the employee front and centre of the organisation – from how the employee is recruited and on boarded, through to training and mentoring, appraisal, performance, welfare, information and knowledge sharing.

‍While some progressive companies have been attracting and retaining employees based on an understanding of HXM best practice for quite some time, many were only starting to investigate strategies when the pandemic hit. Then all of a sudden HR was thrust into the communication spotlight; many caught unprepared and struggling to keep up with the deluge of requests, let alone add value to the employee.

‍When we developed our Conversational AI Assistant, we wanted to provide a technology solution which would really add value – we wanted to enrich the employee experience and lifecycle. In fact at the very heart of our solution is the user experience, we have gone to the next level and beyond in terms of what a Conversational AI Assistant can do.

‍Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) our platform is equally comfortable providing personal and secure information (made possible through 2 factor security authentication), as it is providing references to the latest company product presentation or booking an online training session.

‍With Humley’s platform, new employees can be automatically surveyed to predict and identify potential problem scenarios before they become significant issues. In short, our Conversational AI Assistant becomes the employee gateway to the business, the first and second port of call for information and requests that span all disciplines not just HR. Quick and efficient, the platform raises the employee experience bar to enable any organization to adapt to the changing workplace landscape.

‍Moreover, it is important not to forget that the employee experience will need to adapt rapidly to accommodate genZ employees entering an organisation, as this cohort is more accustomed to and expects information instantly, whenever they want it. Businesses that adapt and adopt technologies which aid in information retrieval will thrive and those that don’t will find it difficult to recruit and retain talent.

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