Humley’s HR Conversational AI Assistant launched on the UiPath Market Place

Humley, an innovative provider of Conversational AI Assistants, has today announced the launch of its HR Assistant solution on the UiPath RPA Market Place.

‍Humley have been partnered with UiPath since 2018, deploying an AI powered Conversational Assistant solution to help UiPath customers manage robotic processes using natural language processing.

‍The addition of Humley’s HR Assistant to the Marketplace, enables customers to extend the digital transformation benefits of the UiPath software robots by providing a single point of contact for HR processes. Humley’s HR Assistant enables users to initiate and operate the UiPath RPA platform to perform specific HR processes and tasks across multiple voice and chat interfaces, working with robots to support information retrieval, updates, and activity automation. Freeing up HR Teams to focus on more strategic and higher value tasks.

‍Humley’s HR Assistant platform is available on demand 24/7 and comes pre-configured with all of the common HR experiences from annual leave requests, to payroll and onboarding – enabling HR Teams to achieve an average 30% time saving whilst still providing a personalised and natural experience for employees.

UiPath and Humley - Travel Booking workflow

This in combination with Humley’s application of best of breed Intelligent Automation technologies, including Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning and automated no code set up means customers can not only quickly deploy Humley’s HR Assistant via the UiPath Marketplace, but also enables the automation of 80% of employee questions and HR processes, significantly improving productivity and satisfaction.

The following Humley HR experiences are available in Marketplace with more to be added over time:

Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant makes it easy for customers to implement and access UiPath robots within existing solutions and processes. Humley’s conversational Assistant is available across multiple channels (voice and chat) and means business users can initiate bots wherever and whenever required.

‍Humley’s CEO, Adam Harrold commented about the company’s new solution: “Humley and UiPath have been working together for several years and have successful deployed solutions to organisations seeking to enhance their efficiencies with Intelligent Automation. The addition of Humley’s HR Assistant to the Marketplace enables us to extend the value that we can offer to the UiPath customers through enabling HR teams to maximise efficiencies through the combination of AI and RPA.”

‍Bogdan Nedelcov, Head of Product Alliances at UiPath, said: “The potential transformational impact of Intelligent Automation technologies for HR departments is huge. Through combining RPA and Conversational AI applications such as the UiPath robots and Humley’s HR Assistant organisations can digitize and improve the efficiency of handling employee communications and data-driven processes. Humley’s HR Assistant is truly transformational, because of its ease of use for customers, prebuilt employee interaction workflows and extensive HR SaaS integrations, meaning in combination with the UiPath software robots benefits can be achieved within weeks.”

‍If you are interested in finding out more about how Humley’s HR Assistant could enhance your UiPath deployment and transform HR in your organisation visit: or get in touch directly to start your 30 day free trial.

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