How do you Increase Employee Engagement with your Handbook?

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that employees understand company guidance and expectations in order to remain compliant and safe. Yet a recent study conducted by American HR specialist XpertHR, found that 66% of HR professionals find it challenging to get their employees to read the company handbook.

‍Handbooks are a fundamental part of an organisations onboarding process and can be referenced throughout an employee’s lifecycle in order to gain valuable information such as benefits, leave policies, working schedules and even safety and security. Yet many employees prefer to ask the HR Team directly rather than navigating often lengthy documents, creating a huge backlog of emails and taking away valuable time from HR experts.

Increase employee engagement with your handbook

Intelligent Automation technology could offer HR Teams and employees a solution for accessing handbook information on demand, without the need for speaking with a person or accessing the original document. With an Intelligent Automation platform such as Humley’s Digital HR Assistant, company handbooks and FAQ documents can be automatically ingested, regardless of length or complexity, in order to create a wide variety of potential employee questions (intents) and correlating responses.

‍The HR Assistant then utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand the true meaning and intent of an employee’s request and automatically responds with the relevant handbook information, 24/7 and across the communication channel they prefer (Voice, 

Chat and web). On average this enables a 30% time saving for HR Teams and frees them up to focus on more strategic tasks, such as training initiatives or supporting management.

Not only can the HR Assistant, deliver meaningful responses in under 2 seconds, but it can also use the initial employee request to trigger further activity. For example, if an employee asks for information about annual leave entitlement, the Assistant can then ask if they would like to book a holiday and action this on their behalf.  This not only delivers further efficiencies and time savings to HR Teams through automating a wider variety of administration tasks, but also significantly improves the employee experience.

‍With a Digital HR Assistant an organisation’s policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are instantly accessible to all employees, whenever and wherever they need it. This not only esnures increased compliance and awareness, but also improves employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

Don’t let your handbooks gather dust – digitize and revolutionise your employee experience with Digital HR Assistants.

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