Humley Establishes Technology Alliance with Automation Anywhere

Humley, an innovative provider of Conversational AI Assistants, today announced its technology alliance with Automation Anywhere, a leader in robotic process automation (RPA). The collaboration will enable organisations to extend the transformational benefits of intelligent automation to HR Teams through the combination of RPA and Conversational AI Assistants, that enable the automation of HR processes.

‍The alliance of Automation Anywhere’s intelligent automation platform and Humley HR Assistant enables People Teams to automate repetitive and manually intensive tasks involved with processing the plethora of inbound employee requests and communications.

Automation Anywhere

Humley’s conversational interface provides customers with a single point of contact for HR processes. The HR Assistant enables users to initiate and operate RPA to perform specific HR processes and tasks across multiple voice and chat interfaces. The platform collaborates with Automation Anywhere software bots to support information retrieval, updates, and activity automation. This means business users can initiate their software bots wherever and whenever required, and as a result, frees up HR teams to focus on more strategic and higher value tasks.

Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying conversational interfaces for HR teams within enterprise businesses, enhancing employee experiences, creating operational efficiency through the provision of 24/7 AI powered speech and text-based assistants.

‍Humley’s HR Assistant comes pre-configured with all of the common HR experiences from annual leave requests, to payroll and onboarding – enabling HR teams to achieve an average 30% time saving, whilst still providing a personalised and natural experience for employees and managers.

‍Humley’s application of best of breed AI, no code set up and easy ingestion of HR documents, in combination with the RPA efficiencies means customers can automate 80% of employee questions and processes, significantly improving productivity and employee satisfaction, within weeks of deployment.

‍“Humley’s technology alliance with Automation Anywhere is an exciting opportunity and will enable organisations to achieve even greater benefits and efficiency gains within their HR processes.” said Adam Harrold, CEO for Humley. “There is a strong alignment between Automation Anywhere and Humley because of our shared belief in providing users with simple and user-friendly tooling, enabling intuitive solutions, rapid deployment and immediate ROI for customers.”

“By collaborating with Humley, we can provide human resource managers with a unique experience that combines the intuitive interface of Humley’s HR Assistant with the efficiency of intelligent automation to increase of productivity and employee engagement,” said Griffin Pickard, Director of Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere. “We look forward to working together to improve the HR experience for organizations and their employees.”

‍Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant is also deployed in a wide variety of use cases and delivers automation efficiencies across processes such as Internal help desks, Customer Service support and departmental knowledge base searches. Humley’s platform supports employees, managers and customers by automating repetitive tasks and aiding them in finding the information they need  – whether they want technical details of a product, help to search a database, query an order, updating an insurance claim, finding a research paper – or for internal functions such as booking business travel.

About Humley

Humley has been deploying its Conversational AI platform to customers across a wide variety of industries and functions such as Sales and Services, HR, Finance and IT. Since 2014, enabling organisations to deliver significant efficiency and improved conversational experiences through automating the processing of inbound communications and requests.

Humley partners with two of the big four global consultancies, delivering international gains to their customers across Europe and the United States. Humley serves customers across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, and Financial Services.

AUTOMATION ANYWHERE is a trademark/service mark of Automation Anywhere, Inc. and is registered in the United States and other countries.

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