Using your Existing Knowledge base to Power Conversational AI

One of the major challenges faced by organisations looking to implement a Conversational Assistant is establishing the likely customer, employee, or supplier interactions.

This task can be complex and time consuming, typically relying on functional teams such as HR, sales, support, and IT to understand and identify the wide variety of queries and outcomes. This can take up valuable resource and means projects may take longer to move to ‘live’ than anticipated, resulting in frustration and delays.

In order to, accelerate this process and reduce the pressure on functional teams, organisations must look to their existing knowledge base and documents to kick start their deployments.

Business create numerous handbooks and documents for employees and customers to assist and support them with tasks such as setting up a new device, information about policy terms and conditions or even finding out information about annual leave. However, generally these guides are rarely referred to by users, who instead prefer to directly contact teams with their queries – leading to multiple emails and calls, creating delays, misinformation, and negatively impacting user experiences.

Within, Intelligent Automation platforms such as Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant, these invaluable documents can be utilised as the starting point for generating user journeys and experiences. Company handbooks and FAQ documents are automatically ingested into the platform, regardless of length or complexity, to create a wide variety of potential user questions (intents) and correlating responses and outcomes. 

Additionally, the inclusion of AI and Natural Language Processing within the platform means that the assistant is able to understand the true meaning and intent of user requests, ensuring that what is returned is of more specific relevance and personalised.

This approach not only significantly reduces the time and resource needed to build the platform, but also means that employees and customers can access the information they require on demand – improving compliance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Through utilising existing their existing knowledge base and documents as the starting point for Conversational AI projects, organisations can ensure efficiencies and business value are delivered within weeks, not months.

If you would like to find out more about Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant and how to get started, get in touch today.

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