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Reduce Pressure on IT & Service Desks with Conversational AI Assistants

Improve employee experiences and deliver time savings to Support Teams through integrating existing business systems with Conversational Assistants.

IT and Service Desks are facing increasing pressure to support remote employees as a result of the pandemic. Teams receive a plethora of support requests and queries on a daily basis, which are often repetitive in nature and manually intensive to process, taking valuable time away from IT Teams to focus on resolving high priority issues. 

With home working set to become the new norm for many organisations (a recent Humley survey found that 91% of employees wanted to continue to work from home some or all of the time in the future). IT Teams need a solution that will enable them to provide employees with the support and information they require on-demand and without creating additional strains on existing systems and people.

Provide employees with on demand support and information, 24/7

Typically deployed within front-end customer service processes, Conversational AI Assistant could offer IT and Service Desk teams a solution to streamline the handling of employee requests and communications.

Citizen Support

Platforms such as Humley’s IT Support Assistant provides a 24/7 multi-channel self-service tool, which enables employees to quickly submit questions, raise tickets and easily find information through a secure chat interface. 

The Assistant deploys best of breed AI, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to truly understand the meaning and intent of user interactions in order to deliver personalised and meaningful responses in seconds.

Crucially, the platform comes pre-built with a number of common employee experiences from onboarding to device queries and automatic document ingestion, as well as integrations with leading business systems such as ServiceNow. 


This means that not only is the Assistant is quick to deploy and requires no code to set up, but also that all an organisations information and processes can be easily accessed from one location –  reducing the pressure on support teams, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Find out more about Humley's integration with ServiceNow.

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Below are some examples of employee experiences within Humley’s Conversational Assistant using the ServiceNow Integration.

Submitting Support Queries

Humley’s Assistant enables employees to submit support queries and incidents quickly and easily to IT Teams. Significantly reducing the number of emails and calls received and ensuring all information is seamlessly recorded within the ServiceNow ticketing system. 

The Assistant is able to guide employees through a series of questions relating to their incident, ensuring that all information is recorded and a clearer picture is provided to the Support Team – leading to faster case resolution and improved experiences.

Hardware and Software Upgrades & Requests

One of the major pain points for IT and Service Teams is managing new hardware and software requests from existing employees and as part of HR new starter onboarding processes.  Managing these requests can be time-consuming and complex, with multiple options, approvals, and sources of information.

With Humley’s Conversational Assistant, this process can be streamlined by providing employees with one point of contact for handling these requests.

For example, during the conversation the Assistant is able to guide employees through a series of questions related to the device or software they wish to request, routing to an organisation’s hardware or software manuals to provide further information. 

The gathered information is then submitted to IT Support teams, relevant managers for approval, and uploaded to ServiceNow.

With a Conversational AI Assistant IT and Service Desks can improve case resolution, enhance employee support and satisfaction, whilst delivering significant efficiencies and time savings for teams.

Get in touch today to find out how a Conversational Assistant could transform your employee support processes.

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