The Impact of Conversational AI on the Insurance industry

The insurance industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving, driven by a wide variety of consumer choice, competitors, and regulatory changes. This means insurers are faced with increasing pressure to not only be compliant but also deliver differentiation through exceptional service and products. These factors in combination with the challenges of the pandemic have meant that insurers have had to provide even greater support to customers. 

In these unprecedented times Conversational AI Assistants could offer insurers a solution to help them manage the increasing demands on their services. The technology enables organisations to deliver increased levels of support and enhanced customer experiences regardless of the time of day or the complexity of the query.

Platform’s such as Humley’s provide a user-friendly conversational interface which is available 24/7, across multiple channels (web, mobile, and voice) and can streamline the handling of inbound customer, agent and employee communications, request, and tasks.

Through deploying best of breed AI technology, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Humley’s Conversational Assistant can understand and engage in natural conversations to a far greater level of sophistication than chatbots. Resulting in meaningful outcomes being delivered in seconds – leading to faster case resolution and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Conversational AI for Governments

Conversational Assistants can be used to support a wide variety of experiences from direct customer interactions, to contact centre support and employee training. Below are some examples of how a Conversational Assistant can be deployed to deliver efficiencies and improved experiences. 

Claims Handling

Citizen Support

Accidents can happen at any time and customers want the reassurance that their insurer is on hand to support them. Humley’s Conversational Assistant is available 24/7 to provide immediate advice and support for customers – no queues or lengthy waiting times.

Humley’s platform can respond to commonly asked questions and tasks such as checking policies, guiding customers through registering a claim, and providing ongoing status updates.

Contact Centre Agent Support

Reduce the pressure on contact centres by providing agents with a single point of reference for all customer information. Reduce call volumes and waiting time, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

Employee Support

Digital HR Assistant

Free up your employees to focus on resolving more complex customer issues and delivering value, through automating time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks such as IT and HR support, onboarding, training, and managing company documentation and policies.

Through deploying a Conversational Assistant insurers can not only improve customer satisfaction by up to 80% and deliver an average 30% time saving to operational teams, but also achieve competitive advantage through enabling customers to access the information and support they need easily and on-demand. 

To find out more about Conversational AI Assistants and how they could transform your employee and customer support, get in touch today. 

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