Humley Launches Employee Onboarding AI-Bot in Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store

Northampton, Northamptonshire, 4th March 2021 –  Humley, a leader in conversational AI, has launched an employee onboarding digital assistant in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store to support HR Teams and enable them to deliver improved employee experiences. 

Onboarding is an essential part of an employee’s lifecycle and can directly impact their experience not only the ease of their initiation, but also throughout their employment experience. Typically, the onboarding process for many employees, including the HR and IT Support Teams, involves multiple emails, forms, and calls – requiring manual data extraction, entry into business systems, and delivery of essential documents and information. 

All of this is costly, time-consuming and at volume can be very manually intensive to process, leading to delays in employee responses, impacting their onboard experience, and potentially leading to compliance issues.

By combining Humley’s Digital Assistant with Automation Anywhere’s robotic process automation (RPA) technology, the process of onboarding can be streamlined by providing one point of contact for new employees. This significantly reduces the time needed to enroll new staff (on average HR teams can achieve improving security and employee experiences.

At volume can be very manually intensive to process, leading to delays in employee responses.

How the solution works

The employee onboarding digital Assistant is a ready-to-deploy, multi-channel conversational interface which enables HR teams to streamline the process of capturing new employee information. Through the natural consequence of a conversation, the digital assistant will guide new employees through a series of questions to gather information relating to the fields in new starter forms. These questions include name, address, financial and payroll information, eligibility to work, and others.

During the conversation, the digital assistant also provides encouragement via messages to the new employee to ensure the process is completed. Additionally, it can provide information for clarity, and direct employees down personalised conversational flows based on responses to ensure the correct information is gathered. 

This information is then seamlessly delivered to Automation Anywhere’s RPA bots through the prebuilt API integrations and updated within the form. The completed form is then uploaded to the internal business system and an automated confirmation email is sent to the employee and relevant manager for approval.

All employee information gathered by the digital a is stored securely and is compliant with GDPR and data protection regulations.

“The combination of Humley’s digital assistant and our intelligent automation solutions help enable a seamless and vastly improved onboarding and HR experience for organizations and their employees,” said Griffin Pickard, Director of Technology Alliance Program at Automation Anywhere. “This alliance will bring increased productivity and improved employee experiences to the enterprise, allowing new staff members  to have a smooth start from day one.”

Adam Harrold

“Humley’s employee onboarding digital assistant is simple to use, and 300% faster to deploy than the leading chatbot providers, with no coding or technical knowledge required and pre-built conversational experiences ready to use or customise. This means HR Teams can start delivering amazing employee experiences and efficiencies to onboarding processes within hours not weeks. ” Adam Harrold, CEO, Humley

To find out more or download Humley’s employee onboarding digital assistant visit  or get in touch today. 

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