Creating Unified User
Experiences with
Conversational AI Assistants

As businesses have become more diverse the main question is how do you communicate with your employees and customers 24/7, from wherever they are in the world? This has become even more heightened given the COVID-19 pandemic as people have moved to home working and customers have shifted online.

The Challenges Faced by Organisations & Users




With so much uncertainty for organisations, their employees and customers, now more than ever it is vital to maintain effective and instant communication paths to avoid employees feeling lost and disengaged.

The problem for businesses is that customer communication points are growing beyond the methods to support them, both internally and externally.


Lack of clarity

Low Morale

Impacting Customer Relationships

Empowering Users with Conversational AI Assistants

The solution is to deploy a dedicated 24/7 AI powered conversational assistant that can operate on the front of the business externally or internally.

Available through multiple communication channels, it provides one central place where users can ask questions, find information, retrieve documents, provide feedback and even perform tasks. Allowing instant support, on any communication channel, anytime. 

There is no priority level or waiting in queues or for emails for a response and that means that users get the answer they need, when they need it. Improving and unifying user experiences.

Transforming Business Processes & User Support

Whether users want technical details of a product, help to search a database, query an order, updating an insurance claim, finding a research paper – or for internal functions such as booking business travel – Conversational AI Assistants can help.

Global Manufacturer Revolutionises Employee Experiences

Employee Digital HR Assistant

If you would like to find out more about how Conversational AI Assistants could improve your customer, employee and supplier relationships, get in touch today.

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