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The Impact of Conversational AI on the Manufacturing Industry

Industry 4.0 has revolutionised the manufacturing industry, with advanced tooling and machinery offering significant productivity gains. Conversational AI extends the benefits of technology advancement for manufacturers beyond the factory floor and into core business processes.

Typically manufacturing and supply chain processes involve multiple steps from initial customer meetings through to design, build, and delivery. Each one of these steps can be complex requiring numerous tasks and requiring involvement from different teams, systems, and sources of information.

 Pulling all this information together can be extremely time-consuming and can sometimes lead to delays and errors in the production timeline resulting in deadline extension penalties and negatively impact customer relationships. 

With Conversational AI Assistants many of these tasks can be streamlined through providing one easy to use conversation interface for information, support, and task orchestration – delivering significant efficiencies and improved employee and customer experiences. 

Conversational Assistants such as Humley’s platform are available 24/7, across multiple channels (web, mobile, and voice) and can streamline the handling of customer, supplier, and employee communications, requests, and tasks.

Through deploying best-of-breed AI technology, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Humley’s Assistant can understand and engage in natural conversations to deliver meaningful outcomes in seconds.

Below are some examples of how a Conversational Assistant can be deployed to deliver efficiencies and improved customer, supplier and employee experiences for manufacturers.

Supply Chain & Order Management

A Conversational AI Assistant reduces the complexity of the supply chain process and provides one point of contact for managing vital product and order information through securely integrating with internal systems, automation services, and documentation.

Order Management Support

Customer & Supplier Support

Humley’s Conversational Assistant is available 24/7 and across multiple, which means customers can check the status of their order, enquire about invoices and payments, and even make general enquiries wherever and whenever they need. Leading to improved service and satisfaction.

Employee Support

Provide an improved employee experience across multiple departments and sites through automating the handling of IT and HR communications and requests. Humley’s platform comes prebuilt with all of the common employee interactions and system integrations.

Through deploying Conversational AI Assistants manufacturers can deliver an average 30% time saving to their operational teams such as HR, but also achieve competitive advantage through improving productivity and order delivery times, improving customer satisfaction and reputation. 

If you would like to find out more about how Conversational AI Assistants could help to transform your processes get in touch today. 

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