Creating a Unified Hub for all your Employee Interactions & Processes

When interacting with an organisation, employees often utilise a multitude of communication channels from emails and texts to video calls and instant messaging platforms. However, 42% of employees surveyed by Humley stated that they weren’t sure of the best communication channel or the best person to speak with to find out the information that they needed resulting in delays and frustration. 

Additionally, outside of these channels’ employees can also reference internal business systems and documentation, however often they are required to log into and navigate multiple systems to find information or perform essential tasks, leading to further wasted time. 

With a Conversational Assistant, these challenges can be overcome by providing employees with one point of contact for all their information and processes. 

Creating a Unified Hub with Conversational AI Assistants

Conversational Assistants enable employees to access information, submit questions and even perform tasks 24/7, regardless of location and in their preferred communication channel (instant messenger, mobile, etc.).

Conversational Assistants such as Humley’s, remove the need for employees to navigate business systems through prebuilt integrations with the leading HRIS, Payroll, and L&Ms providers. Securely locating and retrieving information from within systems, as well as enabling employees to perform tasks such as updating personal information or booking annual leave all from one location – saving a significant amount of time for employees, managers, and HR teams alike.


Additionally, automatic document ingestion within Humley’s knowledge base feature means that employees can easily find the information contained within documents including handbooks and training guides. 

The Conversational Assistant can be deployed by HR teams to support employees across their lifecycle – from recruitment and onboarding to training and day-to-day administration, as well as supporting wellbeing and mental health. On average this enables a 30% time saving for HR teams, freeing them up to focus on more strategic tasks and helping to deliver improved employee experiences and efficiencies across processes.


Global Manufacturer improve employee experience with Humley's Conversational Assistant

  • Deployment in under 6 weeks 
  • 80% of employee requests & tasks automated 
  • 30% time saving for HR Team
  • Integrated with UiPath bots 
  • Improved employee experiences 
  • Increased handbook usage & policy awareness

A Selection of Hire to Retire Process Supported


Recruiting the right candidates can have a huge impact on an organisation’s success and competitive advantage, but the processes can be time-consuming, costly, and complex involving multiple documents and touchpoints for both the HR Team and candidate.  


A Conversational Assistant streamlines this process, by enabling candidates to ask questions about the role and company, find documentation and even book interviews. This significantly reduces the number of emails and manual labour required from HR Teams, freeing them up to focus on engaging with the right candidates. Also ensuring that candidates are more engaged before even reaching the interview stage – reducing the cost to hire and improving retention. 


Onboarding is an essential part of an employee’s lifecycle and can directly impact their experiences throughout their employment. Providing a great onboarding experience is, therefore, a top priority for HR Teams, however, a recent study by Gallup found that only 12% of employees thought that their organisations had delivered this.


Typically, the onboarding process for many employees, HR, and IT Support Teams involves multiple emails, forms, and calls – requiring manual data extraction, entry into business systems, and delivery of essential documents and information. All of this is costly, time-consuming and at volume can be very repetitive leading to delays in employee responses, impacting their experience, and potentially leading to compliance issues.

Conversational AI offers HR Teams a solution to streamlining the process of onboarding new employees. Delivering not only time savings for both employees and operational teams but also consistency and improved employee experiences from day 1.


Conversational AI Assistants enable HR Teams to automate the process of enrolling new employees by proving one point of contact for all tasks and information. The Assistants can provide employees with on-demand support in their preferred communication channel, helping to get them set up on systems and new devices, delivering guidance and documentation such as handbooks, as well as providing general support and assurance.

Employee Wellbeing

Digital HR Assistant

A recent Humley Survey exploring the impact of COVID-19 on employee wellbeing found that 69% had been moderately to severely impacted by the change to remote working. The mental health and wellbeing of employees has therefore risen up the corporate agenda as a shift to home working and isolation has been imposed following the pandemic. 


Conversational AI Assistants could be deployed by HR Teams to provide additional support for employee’s well-being by enabling them to seek advice without the need to speak to a person. This is crucial because of the stigma surrounding mental health, meaning that many people are still reluctant to discuss their wellbeing for fear of shame or judgment. 

Conversational Assistants, therefore, not only allow employees to remain anonymous, but also provide the right information and advice whenever they need it. 

If you would like to find out more about how you could unify all your employee communications, information and processes with a Conversational Assistant, get intouch today. 

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