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Enhancing Employee Insights with Conversational AI Assistants

The role of analytics is crucial to the HR function as data plays a big part in understanding not just employee’s productivity but also their well-being and the general morale of a workforce. Insights gained from data are, therefore, fundamental in guiding strategy and developing more effective support structures for employees to ensure an organisation’s success. 

However, gathering these essential insights from a workforce is often difficult and can be extremely labour intensive for HR Teams. Requiring them to gather, sort, and analyse data from various sources such as interviews and surveys -taking up valuable time for the HR Team and employees alike. Additionally, these traditional methods, may not always record the most accurate responses (particularly in the case of surveys) as many employees may not record ‘true’ sentiment or complete them at all leading to skewed and incomplete data. 

Conversational AI Assistants could offer HR Teams another means of gathering insights from employees without the need for more formalised research initiatives such as surveys. Tracking real-time employee interactions and sentiment, providing HR Teams with a more natural gauge of employee wellbeing and morale. 

Through the natural consequence of interaction, Conversational Assistants such as Humley’s can identify employee sentiment in a similar way a human might. The application of Natural Language Processing means the Assistant can identify more negative phrasing or words within an interaction. Utilising this data to populate reports and dashboards for HR Teams to use as a source of insight, saving HR Teams significant time and providing them with instant access to critical insights. 

Pre-built dashboards mean that HR Teams can track metrics such as FAQs triggered, employee feedback, and the volume of communications received. These metrics provide HR experts with an insight into employee satisfaction and proactively help to identify trends that could impact the long-term success of an organisation. 

 For example, an HR department might be receiving a high number of requests from employees asking about a holiday allowance or trying to book time off. This could indicate high levels of stress or ‘burnout’ across the workforce, which may ultimately lead to people leaving the organisation. Through better visibility of data, HR Teams can address these trends before they start to have a long-term negative impact on employee wellbeing and the wider organization.

‍In conclusion, in these challenging times, it is more important than ever to understand employees to ensure that they are connected and supported. Conversational AI could offer organisations and HR Teams a solution to gaining greater insight into their workforce, ensuring their satisfaction and as a result the future success of a business.

If you would like to find out more about how a Conversational AI Assistant can help you gain greater insight into your employees, get in touch today. 

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