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Are Your Employees Ready to Return to the Office?

The last year has been a challenging one for everyone with many organisations moving workforces to remote and at home working in line with government guidelines and minimise the spread of COVID-19. With the vaccine and a return to some form of normality in sight, businesses are now preparing to bring their employees back to the office in some capacity.

There is still a lot of uncertainty around the rules and regulations surrounding returning to the workplace and none more so than for employees, who have likely not encountered anything like this before. Understandably, they will therefore have a multitude of questions such as ‘How will social distancing be maintained?’ and ‘Do you I need to take annual leave to attend my vaccine appointment”, as well as needing reassurance and information.

With all the planning and work involved in ensuring that appropriate strategies and measures are in place, HR, Support Teams, and Managers are already under huge amounts of pressure, in addition to the responsibilities of their normal roles. Providing this information and support to employees.

With a Conversational Assistant the burden on HR, Support Teams, and Managers can be significantly reduced by providing employees with a 24/7, multi-channel, and easy to use chat interface to submit queries and find information whenever they need it. 

Through the utilisation of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, the Assistant is able to understand the meaning and intent of employee queries in far greater nuance the standard chatbots, and this means that can deliver more meaningful and relevant responses in seconds. Providing immediate information and assurance to employees, improving their confidence to return to the office.

Additionally, platforms such as Humley’s Conversational Assistant comes pre-configured with all of the common employee COVID-19 questions and associated conversational flows as well as automatic policy document ingestion to enrich responses and pre-built integrations to the leading HR software systems, enabling employees to book time off for vaccine appointments or adjust shift patterns. All this out-of-the-box functionality significantly reduces the time and resource needed to set up the Assistant, meaning that it can be deployed in a matter of days and start delivering employee support before they return to the workplace

Conversational Assistants enable organisations to not only significantly improve employee experience but also their confidence in returning to the office, through providing them with an on-demand resource for information and guidance, improving awareness and overall safety.  To support organisations and their employees as they prepare for the new world of work, Humley is offering its COVID-19 Assistant experience free of charge for the next 6 months.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch today. 

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