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Transforming Customer Support within the Utility Industry with Conversational AI

The energy and utility industries are highly competitive and not only driven by the demand for cheaper and cleaner energy but also by a wider variety of consumer choices. In order to remain competitive and retain and attract new customers energy and utilities, providers must therefore be able to deliver differentiation through exceptional service and support.

Conversational AI enables utilities and energy providers to deliver increased levels of support and enhanced customer and employee experiences regardless of the time of day or the complexity of the query. Humley’s platform is available 24/7, across multiple channels, and can streamline the handling of inbound customer, agent, and employee communications, requests, and tasks.

Through deploying best-of-breed AI technology, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Humley’s Conversational Assistant can understand and engage in natural conversations to deliver meaningful outcomes in seconds – leading to faster case resolution and improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Crucially, the solutions pre-built integrations with the leading business systems and RPA providers means the Assistant can deliver more personalised and meaningful interactions leading to improved satisfaction. Archived through the ability to securely retrieve information, update and even perform key actions such as onboarding, updating claims and meter readings as well as personal details.

Below are some examples of how a Conversational Assistant can be deployed to transform customer and employee experiences within the utility and energy industry.

Customer Support

Provide customers with an on-demand and seamless support service. Deploy Humley’s Conversational Assistant to the channels your customers use – from native web applications to mobile and voice. Eliminate queues and significantly reduce waiting times, leading to improved experiences and satisfaction for customers.

Citizen Support

Live Agent & Contact Centre Support

Reduce the pressure on contact centres by providing agents with a single point of reference for all customer information. Reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and free up agents to focus on more critical and sensitive issues.

Employee Support

Provide improved employee experience across multiple departments and sites through automating the handling of IT and HR communications and requests. Humley’s platform comes prebuilt with all of the common employee interactions and system integrations helping to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

How Conversational Assistants can enrich the employee experience

If you would like to find out more about how Conversational Assistants could help transform your processes get in touch today. 

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