Humley is Awarded ‘Conversational AI Platform 2021’ in Technology Innovation Awards

Business and technology publication, Corporate Vision, has announced that it has awarded Humley ‘Conversational AI Platform 2021’ as part of its Technology Innovator Awards program. 

Recipients of the awards are handpicked by a panel of industry experts and recognise businesses who have proven themselves to be tech pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands and have demonstrated an outstanding level of excellence within this vital and constantly evolving industry.

Humley has been deploying innovative Conversational AI solutions to businesses since 2017 that enable organisations to transform their processes and how employees and customers interact with them. The platform combines best-of-breed AI with a no-code approach to technology for customers, utilising automatic document upload, pre-built conversational experiences, and integrations with the internal business system and RPA providers, enabling rapid deployment by subject matter experts. 

On average Humley’s platform can be deployed 300% faster than the leading chatbot providers and this means that customers can start delivering transformational benefits within days. Additionally, advanced machine learning and NLP in combination with integrations mean that Humley’s Assistants can understand the meaning and intent of employee and customers interactions to a far greater nuance and deliver meaningful responses and actionability in seconds. Significantly reducing the pressure on internal teams through enabling greater self-service and improving end-user experiences. 


Humley deploys conversational AI solutions to a wide variety of processes including HR, Customer Service, IT, Finance, Sales, and Procurement. 

"We are delighted to have been awarded this accolade by Corporate Vision. It is a wonderful recognition of the commitment and hard work of the Humley team to build a solution that is truly market leading. Conversational AI is a relatively new concept in the business world, so it is this dedication that has enabled us to be transformative in the space and for our customers. "

You can find out more about the awards by visiting Awards – Corporate Vision Magazine ( 

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