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HR Guide to Intelligent Automation

Over the last year, there has been a monumental shift in the view of the role of HR. HR teams have been at the heart of many initiatives to support employees and plan for a future driven by more flexible working. As such, HR departments have become the focus for Digital Transformation.

Below is a guide to help HR leaders get to grips with some of the most common technology available in the market and how they can be deployed to transform the lives of HR Teams and employees.

Explore the Technology:

Standing for ‘Robotic Process Automation is software tools that use workflow, coding, and scripts to build automation that operates and orchestrates existing enterprise application processes and tasks via the user interface in the same or a similar way that a person does. 


RPA is typically intended to automate manual, repetitive, and rule-bound tasks with structured data and predictable or deterministic outcomes, with an effectively more mimicry approach to automation of tasks.


What is RPA – Lawrence & Wedlock (

Data analytics is a broad term that encompasses many diverse types of data analysis. Any type of information can be subjected to data analytics techniques to get insight that can be used to improve things. Data analytics techniques can reveal trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information. This information can then be used to optimize processes to increase the overall efficiency of a business or system.


Data Analytics Definition: Types & Process Overview ( 

A programmatic and intelligent way of offering conversational experience to mimic conversations with real people, through digital and telecommunication technologies. 

Deloitte-au-deloitte-conversational-ai.pdf – Bing

Conversational AI is the application of technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning which enables organisations to streamline the handling of real-time inbound user communications, queries, and tasks. Delivering enhanced self-service and improve experiences.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) refers to a set of business solutions that use deep learning tools to automate document processing. With the help of RPA bots, AI, and computer vision, IDP extracts unstructured data from documents (e.g., email text, PDF, and scanned documents) and converts it into structured data.

Intelligent Document Processing 101: Why IDP an Essential Ingredient to Digital Transformation | Intelligent Automation Network

Selecting the right technology

"As the HR function transitions from a business “cost center” to a “profit center”, technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Intelligent Automation (IA) will be crucial to bringing about this change."

Transforming the Hire to Retire Lifecycle

Find out more about where Intelligent Automation can be deploy to transform HR processes and employee experiences. 


Provide potential candidates with a 24/7 available chat interface to answer questions, find out more about the role and utilise RPA to perform key tasks such as booking interviews and performing CV checks. 


Helping to attract more engaged and higher value candidates and job applications leading to higher retention and reducing cost to




Provide new hires with an amazing experience from the ‘get go’ by streamlining your onboarding processes.

Answer common questions, provide information, gather details and onboard onto systems, enrol in payroll, and provision new equipment. Provide support and assurance to employees as well as improving compliance.

Time & Attendance Management

Enable employees and managers to quickly and easily book and manage attendance and annual leave requests. 

Reduce manual effort and labour intensive tasks by providing one point of contact for requests.

Training & Development

Keep your employees up to date with training and help them achieve their personal development goals with automatic notifications, information, and guidance.


  • Training Schemes
  • L&D / CPD
  • Access to Online Resources
  • Funding & Financial Support
  • Course Reminders & Progress Updates

If you would like to find out more about how intelligent automation can transform your HR and employee processes get in touch today. 

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