Ciklum and Humley Partner Up to Deliver Innovative Intelligent Automation Solutions

Humley, a UK-based provider of an innovative conversational AI platform, and Ciklum, a global digital solutions company, today announce their partnership that aims to deliver transformational intelligent automation for customers. 

The partnership combines Humley’s innovative conversational AI technology with Ciklum’s expertise and experience in deploying automation solutions for clients across the world. The addition of conversational AI to Ciklum’s portfolio of automation solutions means that Ciklum can deliver more enhanced efficiencies and experiences through end-to-end process automation. 

More Accessible & User-Friendly Automation

Conversational AI extends the value of RPA by enabling users to directly interact with and trigger processes, such as gathering ticket information for system uploads and even amending workflows within bots themselves. Such features make RPA infinitely more accessible and user-friendly to any organisation. Conversational AI can also be used as a tool to support Intelligent automation best practices – providing an easy-to-use interface for process evaluation and education. 

Intelligent Automation has revolutionised how organisations perform key business functions and interact with their customers, suppliers, and employees. This partnership reflects the continued appetite for digital transformation among businesses. 

Humley will be working with Ciklum to develop industry-leading assets across a variety of business cases including IT, HR, and customer support. These newly developed assets will come ready to deploy with integrations to RPA processes and pre-built conversational experiences – reducing the time needed to set up solutions but also reliance on IT thanks to Humley’s no-code approach., This will enable Ciklum’s clients to quickly realise the transformational benefits of Intelligent Automation and start generating ROI in weeks, not months. 

Making Intelligent Automation, and more specifically conversational AI, accessible to everyone is one of Humley’s driving missions. This commitment translates to developing a solution that is not only user friendly from a development perspective but also can enable customers and employees to access the information and processes they need – when they need them. Our partnership with Ciklum further enables us to achieve this goal through a shared ambition to be disruptive in the market and deploy solutions which are unique and deliver true value to businesses and users alike,”

At Ciklum, we want to provide more than just cutting-edge technology. We believe that the best solutions redefine industries and change the way we live, for better. Conversational AI, coupled with RPA, does exactly that - as it changes the way users interact with systems and creates more efficient and enjoyable experiences. We are excited about our new partnership with Humley and look forward to redefining the way automation is currently being used,”

About Humley

Founded in 2017, Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying conversational interfaces for enterprise businesses across a wide variety of functions including Sales and Services, HR, Finance, and IT.

Humley enables enterprises to generate operational efficiencies and improve employee and customer experiences through the provision of a 24/7 AI-powered Conversational Assistant. Humley’s platform is powerful and yet so easy to use that it can support a broad range of needs, from simpler, FAQ-type chatbots, to complex multi-function and multi-channel enterprise Conversational Assistants.

Our solution’s combination of automated and no-code setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers, and GUI-based, easy to use configuration tools, means that you will be able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective. By using Humley’s technology, companies can better understand their customers and employees and as a result, provide useful outcomes and provide answers to questions at the first time of asking, nearly every time. 

About Ciklum

Ciklum is a leading global Digital Solutions Company serving Fortune 500 and fast-growing organisations alike around the world. The company is headquartered in London and has software development centres and branch offices in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, UAE and Pakistan. Ciklum builds tailored digital solutions that leverage emerging technologies for such clients as Just Eat, Flixbus, Metro Markets, EFG International, Zurich Insurance, Lottoland and others. For more information about us visit:

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