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L&W launches Humley-powered IdeaBot with their client FSB Technology to accelerate the automation programme and business engagement.

Founded in 2016, L&W build Bots to free busy people from everyday manual boring work, one task at a time, to work smarter not harder.

Founded in 2007, FSB Technology is an award-winning gaming technology company that provides innovative sports betting platforms for market-leading organisations globally. The company is known for its pioneering approach to technology and services for customers.

FSB’s focus on providing the best possible services and solutions to customers means that they are continually seeking ways to improve their processes and user experiences. As part of this drive, the company chose Intelligent Automation specialists Lawrence & Wedlock (“L&W”) to deliver their automation programme and support their expansion and transformation plans.

The Business Case

The early success of the automation programme with L&W meant that FSB was soon ready to expand the initiative across the business, even with the additional challenges from the pandemic. To enable this expansion, they needed to spread the word far and wide across the organisation to identify candidates and build a pipeline for automation.

When evaluating how they would achieve this, L&W looked at several options that would help, including process and task mining technologies. However, in their experience the first and most vital step was to establish collaboration and trust with as many people as possible. To achieve this, they knew they needed to increase awareness of automation and to do this they needed the right technology to enable effective engagement.

The Solution - The IdeaBot

Through L&W’s partnership with Humley, they were able to use Conversational AI in combination with RPA to build their “IdeaBot”. The IdeaBot enables employees to easily engage when it suits them, to discover information, get answers about automation and to submit their process ideas with instant real-time feedback, through an on-demand chat interface.

“The IdeaBot is a really clever way to crowdsource automation ideas from anywhere and anyone in the business and discover process improvement opportunities in those often hard-to-reach areas of people’s day-to-ay tasks”.

The IdeaBot was deployed via L&W’s client portal and is available to all FSB employees whenever and wherever they need it. The easy-to-use chat interface asks employees a series of simple questions about their process, the systems used, data involved and the potential benefits for the business. Once the idea details have been submitted by the employee, a task Bot adds the details to an automation pipeline and applies a score to estimate automation feasibility – and returns that score to the employee in real-time. Anyone can follow the progress and status of their idea via the web portal pipeline.

Employees can also ask IdeaBot questions about automation utilising a pre-built knowledge base and insights from L&W’s website, which has helped to increase awareness and understanding of automation across FSB’s workforce.

Benefits Delivered

During the first few days that the IdeaBot was launched, L&W and FSB had generated over 20 new qualified processes suitable for automation from parts of the business who had never even heard of automation previously. These will all deliver benefits and improve services across the organisation. The volume of ideas generated could not have previously been achieved in such a short time frame and was made possible through the unique AI chat solution built by L&W and powered by Humley.

"Despite the popularity of RPA and automation technologies, many businesses have struggled to scale deployment across their wider organisation. The IdeaBot means that businesses can more easily and quickly identify other areas that are ripe for transformation. Supporting scalability, whilst also promoting a culture of innovation - ensuring success and long-term sustainability.”

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