Humley ‘s Top 5 Articles of the Year

As we approach the end of the year, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite blogs from the year.  Click on the links to read the full articles. 

1. Creating a Common Language with RPA & Conversational AI

The combination of RPA with Conversational AI Assistants enables non-technical teams, such as HR, to orchestrate and make amendments to RPA processes. Without ever needing to access development platforms quickly and easily. Reducing the demands on IT and CoE teams, ensuring that problem resolution and optimisation are delivered rapidly, and significantly improving adoption and scale across a business.

2. How do HR Leaders Balance Employee & Organisational Needs?

HR departments are the gateway between employees, management teams, and boards. They play a fundamental role in communicating an organisation’s strategy to employees and providing feedback to management teams on experiences to guide future planning. HR teams, therefore, must walk the difficult tight rope of balancing both the strategic priorities of management and the everyday operational and wellbeing needs of their staff. This blog seeks to explore how technology can help HR professionals effectively balance these demands.

3. How do Customer Service Teams Bridge the Generational Gap with Conversational AI?

The digital age is upon us. With the increasing popularity of digital communication channels, primarily driven by social media many people expect a 24/7 service culture. In response to this many organisations have adopted various new technologies such as Chatbots and Conversational AI to support this demand. But there remains the challenge for many businesses of how to better support and engage with the generation that the digital revolution missed.

4. Getting Over the Line with Intelligent Automation

Is it better than?

With the recent strains of the pandemic, many businesses have turned to Intelligent Automation as a solution to enable them to deliver efficiencies and cost savings. Yet often, many business leaders struggle to turn an initial conversation about Intelligent Automation into actual value.

This article provides a brief guide on how leaders can convert initial engagement in the world of Intelligent Automation into tangible and sustainable transformation for their organisation.

5. How Conversational AI is Transforming IT Helpdesks

The IT department is essential to the smooth day-to-day running of a business. Many departments across an organisation are reliant on IT teams to support with tasks such as onboarding new employees and ensuring systems are updated and running efficiently. However, despite the crucial role that IT teams play, they are faced with increasing pressure largely down to limited resources, conflicting priorities, and the amount of time that helpdesk teams will spend on the phone or answering emails. Distracting them from focusing on high-priority and critical tasks often result in a hefty cost to the business due to IT service failures and downtime.

With Intelligent Automation solutions, this burden on IT and helpdesk teams can be reduced by enabling greater self-service for employees and customers. As well as enabling the automation of repetitive and manually intensive tasks. Delivering both time savings and increased efficiencies, freeing up teams to focus on those more critical tasks.

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