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Humley Partner with Puzzel to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experiences with Conversational AI 

Humley Partner with Puzzel to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experiences with Conversational AI

Puzzel, the leading European provider of cloud-based contact centre solutions, today announced its partnership with innovative UK provider of Conversational AI solutions, Humley. The addition of Humley to Puzzel’s marketplace will enable businesses to transform their customer experience through enhanced self-service.

Available 24/7, Humley’s Conversational Assistants are deployed via Puzzel’s chat interface and can automatically handle inbound queries and requests from customers, delivering fast service for customers and time savings to contact centre and support teams through greater deflection. Businesses can achieve up to 80% improved customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and long-term success. 

Humley provides a platform for building and managing Conversational Assistants that is more user-friendly and can be deployed 300% faster than other chatbot providers in the market. Powered by best-of-breed AI, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Humley’s Assistants can automatically handle complex interactions, delivering more engaging experiences for customers and deflecting up to 80% of first-line queries from contact centre teams, freeing them to focus on more critical actions. 

Puzzel and Humley share a deep integration that ensures a cohesive and consistent experience for customers. Conversations can be passed back and forth between agents via Puzzel and the Conversational Assistant in a seamless end-user experience, with agents always available to speak to the customer if required. Humley’s Conversational Assistant provides a summary of the interaction to the agent and can even identify the most relevant agent for the query based on their skill set, ensuring customers always receive the most appropriate level of support. 

What makes Humley’s solution unique in the market is its pre-built and ready-to-deploy Humley Recipes. Humley Recipes are pre-built Conversational Assistants that come ready to use with hundreds of industry or department-specific user journeys and knowledgebases, so Assistants can be deployed cost-effectively and without the need for coding in just days. 

"The past couple of years has placed a lot of pressure on contact centre and customer teams due to the increasing demand for information and support from consumers as a result of the pandemic. Through this partnership, Puzzel’s customers can quickly and easily add Humley’s Conversational AI Assistants to their existing chat solution, reducing the pressure on contact centre teams with greater query deflection and creating a seamless and personalised experience for customers. They can transform customer experiences and deliver efficiencies within days."
Adam Harrold
CEO, Humley

About Humley

Founded in 2017, Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying conversational interfaces for enterprise businesses across a wide variety of functions including Sales and Services, HR, Finance, and IT.

Humley enables enterprises to generate operational efficiencies and improve employee and customer experiences through the provision of a 24/7 AI-powered Conversational Assistant. Humley’s platform is powerful and yet so easy to use that it can support a broad range of needs, from simpler, FAQ-type chatbots, to complex multi-function and multi-channel enterprise Conversational Assistants.

Our solution’s combination of automated and no-code setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers, and GUI-based, easy to use configuration tools, means that you will be able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective. By using Humley’s technology, companies can better understand their customers and employees and as a result, provide useful outcomes and provide answers to questions at the first time of asking, nearly every time.

About Puzzel

Puzzel is the leading European provider of cloud contact centre solutions. Every day, more than 1,100 organisations across 40 countries use our software to deliver smart customer experiences, blending the powers of people and technology to serve customers efficiently, effectively and with empathy.

The Puzzel Platform enables organisations to create rich journeys for their customers, with a mix of live and self-service experiences that give people the freedom to choose when, where and how they get help. Artificial intelligence is harnessed at every touchpoint to automate tasks, provide insight, and personalise service and support. Puzzel also includes a suite of productivity and planning tools to empower managers and agents to reach their goals and continuously improve performance.

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, Puzzel is the CCaaS provider organisations trust when every moment matters.

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