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Introducing Think

Transforming CX and Conversational AI set up with Generative AI and GPT

Delivering amazing experiences to users with Conversational AI Assistants is dependent on the knowledge that powers them. Understanding what is required, where to get the data from and then curating it to cater for the users needs can be a time consuming and costly process. 

This can result in businesses either launching with a reduced experience for their users impacting satisfaction, waiting months to create knowledge bases which stalls ROI on their technology investment or halting the initiative altogether due to time commitments from teams.

Think is the latest product enhancement for Humley’s Conversational AI platform which utilizes the power of  GPT models to overcome these content generation challenges. 

Think takes a business’ existing information sources (websites, SharePoint, PDFs, etc.) and applies generative AI models to curate FAQs automatically which can then be added to a conversational AI assistant project. 

Crucially, unlike web scraping tools available in other Chatbot platforms, Think uses the content provided to suggest answers and training data as well as allowing an organization to set the tone of voice for the responses generated to keep in line with brand expectations.

Think is accessible through Humley’s user friendly platform Humley Studio and because of this it can take an organization just minutes to build their Conversational AI Assistant, with no additional resource. Once within the project, Studio enables SMEs to easily manage and edit FAQs as and when required, ensuring the solution is always optimized and delivering value. 

Humley’s CEO, Adam Harrold said of this exciting new feature: “Think has the potential to be game changing for businesses that want to enhance their customer and employee experiences with conversational AI, but are dealing with complex and rich sources of information. This new feature means they can deploy at speed and with the confidence that what is created is compliant and on brand, removing the need for teams to trawl through documents to write FAQs – speeding up the delivery process and reducing overall implementation costs.”

Humley Think means that Conversational AI Assistants are more accessible than ever before and enable business to quickly deploy transformational solutions. 

To celebrate the launch of Think, Humley is offering five free-of-charge, no-obligation workshops, access to Humley Think, and their conversational AI platform to organizations to help them experience the benefits of the new solution. For more information, please contact or click below to explore the tool.

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