Transform Your CX and Conversational AI Setup with Humley Think

Transform Your CX and Conversational AI Setup with Humley Think:

The Key to Rapid Deployment and Enhanced User Experiences

Are you tired of the costly and time-consuming process of creating a knowledge base for your Conversational AI Assistants? Look no further than Humley Think! This innovative tool within Humley’s Conversational AI platform utilizes the power of GPT models to automatically generate FAQs and knowledge base content for your organization, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to build your Conversational Assistants.

How Does Humley Think Work?

First, Humley Think provides you with the ability to set the tone of voice for all the content curated, ensuring a consistent service is delivered to your users. Then, Humley Think can use a variety of data sources to curate a business knowledge base, including website URLs, SharePoint sites, and PDFs. Once your knowledge base is generated, you can review and approve the content before adding it to your Conversational AI project, all through Humley’s user-friendly platform, Studio.

The Benefits of Humley Think

With Humley Think, you can achieve rapid deployment, reducing the time it takes to launch new services and access ROI. Plus, you don’t need to allocate additional resources to set up your projects, reducing the cost and effort of building your Conversational Assistants. By catering for more user experiences with a wider breadth of knowledge, you can also increase user satisfaction, ultimately transforming your CX and Conversational AI setup.

Where Can You Deploy Humley Think?

Humley Think can be used across various functions, including customer support, contact centers, and HR, among others. With Humley Think, you can easily and efficiently transform your CX and Conversational AI setup, delivering amazing experiences to your users.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of Humley Think first hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Book a demo or trial Humley Think today, and see how it can revolutionize your Conversational AI Assistants and enhance your user experiences.

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