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Is Your Brand Protected in the Age of AI?

In a landscape driven by Artificial Intelligence, ensuring your brand’s protection is paramount. The evolution of technology brings unparalleled opportunities but also novel challenges. Are you prepared to safeguard your brand’s integrity in this era?

Join us in our latest blog where we delve into the crucial discussion about brand protection in the Age of AI. Discover the strategies to fortify your brand amidst the dynamic advancements in technology.

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The CEO’s Ultimate Quest: Scaling Business While Elevating Customer Excellence

Scaling a business isn’t just about growth—it’s a high-stakes gamble. For CEOs of SMEs and mid-sized enterprises, the path is fraught with hurdles. Balancing expansion with top-notch customer service is a tightrope walk.

Resource constraints and operational intricacies create a challenging landscape. Maintaining stellar service while scaling up is the CEO’s ultimate conundrum.

Find out more and how to strike the right balance with technology in our latest blog.

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Best Practices for Promoting Conversational Assistants

Launching a new conversational assistant can be a challenging task for businesses. On the one hand, they want to provide their customers with the highest level of service, but on the other hand, they also want to achieve ROI by deflecting more contacts and improving process efficiencies. Therefore, businesses need to adopt some best practices to promote their conversational assistant and ensure its success.

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Agent Assistant on Blue Prism Digital Exchange

Agent Assistant, the latest conversational AI solution to be launched by Humley on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange. This innovative tool empowers contact centre agents with on-demand information and actionability during live customer calls.

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How will GPT Impact your Contact Centre?

Over the past month, many new GPT-infused tools have hit the market, indicating a growing interest in this cutting-edge technology. But what does this mean for your contact centre agents? Will they be replaced by robots anytime soon?

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