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3 Challenges Facing Contact Centres Today & How To Solve Them

Delivering this level of service customers is not always a simple task and contact centres are faced with a wide variety of challenges, which have in part been compounded by the pandemic of 2020, which has changed working practises and consumer habits. Additionally, the recent economic crisis which is driving individuals to seek roles with more opportunities, flexibility and better pay, a trend which is more frequently being referred to as ‘The Great Resignation’. This article explores 3 of the more common challenges faced by contact centres today and how technology can be used to help businesses to overcome them.

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How do businesses deliver savings into their contact centre without risking customer experience?

The last year has hardly been smooth sailing for businesses, with global and local events taking their toll – from the cost of energy and inflation increasing operational costs to the same factors decreasing consumer purchasing. All these factors and the unpredictability of the financial markets mean that organisations are now seeking ways they can deliver efficiencies and savings to ensure their survival. 

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Changing the customer service landscape with hyper-automation

The way in which brands support their customers at all stages of their life cycle has always been a fundamental part of a business’s strategy, however in recent years the way consumers expect to receive that support and information have changed. So, the question for organisations is, how can they adapt and evolve their existing customer service processes to meet expectations and ensure retention?

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