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Changing the customer service landscape with hyper-automation

The way in which brands support their customers at all stages of their life cycle has always been a fundamental part of a business’s strategy, however in recent years the way consumers expect to receive that support and information have changed. So, the question for organisations is, how can they adapt and evolve their existing customer service processes to meet expectations and ensure retention?

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How do businesses make a 4 day week work?

Whilst the benefits are clear, the change might not work for all industries and there are still concerns regarding increasing demands on services and how organisations would be able to meet these with fewer resources 5 days a week. So, the question for businesses is, how can they do more with less? Intelligent Automation could offer a solution, enabling businesses to run services and processes 24/7 with minimal human support.

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Balancing ease of use with functionality in Conversational AI technology

How do organisations select the best technology for them? With the vast array of solutions on the market, it can be difficult to ‘see the woods from the trees’. Broadly speaking (although important to note there are exceptions), within the Conversational AI space technologies can be defined by two core attributes – ease of use and technical functionality. Both have their benefits.

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