Supercharge your customer support
with Conversational AI

Reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction with a 24/7 omnichannel Conversational Assistant.

Contact Centres and Customer Support Departments are one of the most important within an organisation, acting as the front line for customer interaction and directly contributing to brand reputation and success. However, in recent years contact centres have been facing increasing pressure to not only deliver exceptional customer service to help engage and retain customers but also to reduce operational costs.

Challenges faced by Contact Centres & Support Teams

Customer Expectations

  • Wider variety of communication preferences.
  • On-demand support.
  • Personalisation and meaningful engagements.

Operational Challenges

  • Multiple and complex internal business systems.
  • Repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks taking Agents away from resolving higher value customer enquiries.


Average positive customer feedback achieved.                                              

Enhanced customer experiences through reduced average handling times and improved first time case resolution.

Benefits of Deploying a Conversational AI Assistant

Increased First Time Case Resolution

Reduced Cost to Serve

Increased Agent Productivity

Scale on Demand

Enhanced Customer Insights

Contact Centre Agents & Support Teams

Provide agents with a single point of reference.

Humley’s Assistant eliminates the need for Contact Centre agents to navigate multiple complex systems and documentation to support live customer calls and requests – significantly improving calling handling times and improving customer interactions by providing them with a single secure gateway for all their information. 

Humley’s Assistant can be deployed to support a wide variety of agent experiences including:

Customer Support

Deliver personalised and meaningful interactions - in seconds!

Enable customers to self-serve using Humley’s Customer Support Assistant. Automate all the commonly asked queries and tasks and provide users with meaningful responses in seconds.

Humley’s Assistants can be deployed to support a wide variety of customer experiences. Including:

Conversational AI for Insurance

Seamless Agent Handover

For customers with more complex or sensitive queries that need the ‘human touch’, the Assistant can seamlessly hand over to an Agent with a summary and context of the interaction – in seconds! 

More Than Your Average Chatbot

Advanced Technology

Humley’s innovative use of Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning mean our assistant can understand a far greater range of conversational exchanges, ensuring more personalised and engaging user experiences.

Pre-Built Integrations & Actionability

Pre-built integrations with the leading ticketing, support, CRM, and Case Management systems as well as the RPA vendors delivers actionability to users by enabling them to perform tasks without the need for additional support.

Do you already have a chatbot but want to extend its capabilities to enable you to deliver enhanced customer service?

We have a solution for you. Humley Connect enables you to access all the benefits of integrations whilst retaining your existing system. Contact us to find out more.

What makes Humley’s Conversational Assistants different?

We’ve done the hard work for you – no coding or technical expertise required to set up your Conversational Assistants.

Communicate with your customers & agents in the channels they use.

Communication Channels we integrate with:


WhatsApp, SMS and bespoke applications


Instant Messenger

Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, bespoke applications, and many more

Website Interfaces

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