Supercharge your customer support
with Conversational AI

Reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction

with a 24/7 omnichannel Conversational Assistant.

Humley’s Conversational Assistant reduces the pressure on contact centres by providing agents with a single point of reference for all customer information as well as enabling customers to self-serve to solve their queries.

Contact Centre Support

Humley Conversational Assistant enables Contact Centre agents reduces the need for them to navigate multiple complex CRM and Case Management Systems through providing them with a single point of access for all customer information and updates

Humley’s platform is can easily be integrated with your existing business systems and third-party tools to securely retrieve information to support agents on customer calls. Reducing waiting times, increasing first time case resolution rates, and improving customer experiences.

Customer Support

Reduce the volume of queries needed to be handled by Agents and free them up to focus on higher priority queries, by enabling customers to self-serve using Humley’s Customer Support Assistant. Automate all the commonly asked queries, tasks and provide users within meaningful responses in seconds. 

Humley’s innovative use of Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning means the assistant can understand a far greater range of conversational exchanges, ensuring more personalised and engaging experiences for users.

Conversational AI for Insurance

Seamless Agent Handover

Agent handover

For customers with more complex or sensitive queries that need the ‘human touch’, the Assistant can seamlessly handover to an Agent with a summary and context of the interaction – in seconds! 

Humley’s  Assistant frees up Agents & Customer Service Teams to focus on what really matter to them through reducing the amount of repetitive communications they receive.

 Freeing them up to do what they do best – dealing with complex and sensitive issues, building relationships with customers and delivering great experiences. 

Benefits Achieved

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Increased First Time Case Resolution

Reduced Cost to Serve

Increased Agent Productivity

Scale on Demand

Enhanced Customer Insights

What makes Humley’s Conversational Assistants different?

We’ve done the hard work for you – no coding or technical expertise required to set up your Digital HR Assistant.

Communication Channels we integrate with:



WhatsApp, SMS and bespoke applications

Instant Messenger

Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, bespoke applications, and many more

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