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Humley’s HR Digital Assistant is a ready to deploy and fully integrated conversational interface for HR Teams, employees, and managers.  Enable users to ask questions, make requests and perform tasks on demand, 24/7 across any channel.

Deliver on demand support and information, whenever and wherever your employees need it.

Humley’s Digital Assistant eliminates the need for employees and managers to navigate complex HR, Payroll and Business systems and reduces the pressure on HR Teams through automating all of the common HR requests and associated tasks. 

Deliver Improved compliance, awareness, productivity & engagement leading to increased staff retention and satisfaction.

Natural Conversations – responses in seconds

Benefits of deploying a Digital HR Assistant:

30% time saving for HR Teams

80% of employee communications automated

Improved employee engagement & wellbeing

Scale on demand

Improved compliance & adoption of handbooks

Integration of all your systems and information in one platform

Form Hire to Retire - Support employees at every stage of their life cycle​

Humley HR Assistant is the employee gateway to the business, the first and second port of call for all information, requests, and tasks. 

Humley’s ready to deploy HR solution, comes pre-configured with all of the common employee and candidate HR experiences – speeding up response times, improving candidate quality, retention, engagement and enhancing the employee experience.  

Attraction & Recruitment

Attract more engaged and higher value candidates and job applications leading to higher retention and reducing cost to hire. 


Provide new hires with an amazing experience from the ‘get go’ by streamlining your onboarding processes. Answer common questions, provide information, support and assurance to employees as well as improving compliance.


Keep your employees up to date with training and help them achieve their personal development goals with automatic notifications, information, and guidance. 

Employee Retention

Retain and engage your employees throughout their life cycle by giving them instant access to all the information they need, support and the ability to perform day to day tasks, in the channels they use.

Off boarding

Leaving an organisation can be stressful for employees and businesses alike. Streamline your leavers processes and ensure that your delivering amazing employee experiences, even after they leave.

Support Employee Wellbeing

Humley’s Digital Assistants can support employee’s wellbeing by enabling them to seek advice without the need to speak to a person. Not only allowing employees to remain anonymous, but also providing the right information and advice whenever they need it.

Humley’s Assistant also enables you to trigger notifications and messages to check in on your employees and keep you connected – it can even send the occasional joke to lift morale!

Digital HR Assistant

Enhanced Employee Insights

Enhanced Employee Insights

Digital HR Assistants help HR Teams identify potential employee wellbeing issues in real time and develop effective solutions quickly via intuitive dashboards and analytics.

Humley’s HR Assistant provides People Teams with prebuilt and customisable dashboards and reports, which track metrics such as FAQs triggered, employee feedback and volume of communications. These metrics provide HR experts with insights into employee satisfaction and proactively help to identify trends which could impact the long-term success of an organisation. 

Integrate all your systems, information and processes within one easy to use conversational interface. Humley HR Assistant has the most comprehensive integration of 3rd party HR vendor solutions.
Who we integrate with:

and many more …

What makes Humley’s HR Assistant Different?

We’ve done the hard work for you – no coding or technical expertise required to set up your Digital HR Assistant.

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Deploy to the channels employees prefer. Communication Channels we integrate with:



WhatsApp, SMS and bespoke applications

Instant Messenger

Workplace by Facebook, Slack, Microsoft Teams, bespoke applications, and many more

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