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Humley and Ciklum:

Transforming user experiences with more accessible and friendly automation 

The key to the success of any new project (technology-led or not), is gaining buy-in and engagement from people. If people don’t have easy access to and understand the technology, they will not use it. The problem with many new technology applications is that they do not provide a user-friendly experience and are not simple to access. Because of this many applications have developed negative stigmas and fail to be adopted. 

Ciklum and Humley’s solution combines the power of intelligent automation technologies such as RPA with Conversational AI to connect people with systems and processes, delivering more engaging and user-friendly experiences. Utilising market-leading technologies to deliver more enhanced efficiencies and experiences through end-to-end process automation. 

"We believe that the best solutions redefine industries and change the way we live, for better. Conversational AI, coupled with RPA, does exactly that - as it changes the way users interact with systems and creates more efficient and enjoyable experiences. We are excited about our new partnership with Humley and look forward to redefining the way automation is currently being used."

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