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Humley and Lawrence & Wedlock:

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Intelligent Process Automation

With the continuing rise of automation influencing the future of work, the addition of Conversational AI to RPA deployments enables organisations to orchestrate and access automation processes with greater ease and in a more naturally human way. 

The solution means non-technical teams, such as HR and Customer Support, can quickly and easily comprehend, action and trigger processes within a language they understand – significantly improving adoption and scale across the business.

Humley and Lawrence & Wedlock’s partnership leverages the best of breed technology and industry expertise to deliver impactful and transformational solutions for enterprises.

"Redefining the future of work for any business requires making intelligent process automation a totally seamless and very human experience.”

Humley and Lawrence and Wedlock help organisations to evaluate, deploy and maintain solutions across a broad range of industries and verticals including:

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