Conversational AI Assistants
for Education

Revolutionise Education and Learning Services with Digital Assistants

Universities and learning establishments are facing an unprecedented change in how they provide their services. With more need than ever to provide online and self-help tools to support students and employees alike.

Conversational AI Assistants enable institutions to provide a platform for students and employees to engage with them, regardless of location, time of the day or device, leading to improved experiences and reputation.

Benefits Achieved with Conversational Assistants

Enhanced Student Experience

Remote and on demand access to information and learning resources significantly improves student engagement, experience, and reputation.

Improved Process Efficiency

Reduce the amount of time spent by staff handling repetitive administrative requests and queries and free them up to focus on higher value tasks.

Reduced Costs

Humley’s platform is 300% faster to deploy than other leading chatbot providers, enabling rapid ROI.

Ready to Deploy solutions for the Learning Institutions

Student Learning Support

Humley’s Digital Assistant can be fully integrated with internal learning and scheduling systems, such as BlackBoard, which means that students can access the information they to progress with their course without the need for navigating multiple systems. 

The Assistant can retrieve personalised lesson scheduling, exam timetables and results, learning material and even automatically book tutor meetings.

Student Learning Support

Administration Support

Admin Support Assistant

Through deploying Natural Language Processing (NLP), Humley’s Conversational Assistant can understand, retrieve and action a wide variety of administration requests. Including onboarding, wellbeing communications, applications, financial aid, and general inquiries such as library opening times. 

Employee Support

Improve employee experiences and engagement through providing a single point of contact for all HR information including onboarding, payroll, booking annual leave, training, policy information and much more. 

What makes Humley Different?

Our solution’s combination of automated setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers and GUI based, easy to use configuration tools, means that insurers are able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective.

Rapid Deployment

300% faster to deploy than leading chatbots. 

Our intelligent AI-powered Octavo solution automates training and document ingestion so that you can provide complex conversational experiences, without the manual labour.

Ease of Use

60 minutes to set up a use case. 

Our straightforward tooling allows your experts to build,
integrate, test and refine experiences quickly and easily, no coding or technical
expertise required.


30 integrations out of the box.

All the system and service integrations you would need available out of the box, including existing AI, RPA, and CRM applications. All seamlessly managed end to end in the Humley platform.

Prebuilt User Interactions

A wide variety of common employee and user interactions pre-built within the platform – ready to use or customise.

Enhanced Conversations

Our platform understands a far broader range of linguistic and emotional context, enabling it to engage with users in more complex ways, that seem more natural than the tightly scripted and rigid delivery of traditional Chatbots.



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