Humley: Conversational AI Assistants

Are you interested integrating your Blue Prism Digital Worker processes with a Conversational AI Assistant?

Humley’s Conversational Assistants enable organisations to enrich customer experiences by directly connecting them with back-office processes via Blue Prism’s Digital Workers. Whether a customer would like an update on delivery, apply for a new loan or even book an appointment, Humley’s 1-click integration to Blue Prism makes it simple for businesses to provide this self-serve capability, at any time and in any channel (voice, web, etc.). 


Improved User Experiences

Average 80% positive customer feedback achieved through providing on-demand support and task orchestration in the channels they actually use.

Increased Productivity

Average 30% time saving for operational teams through streamlining the handling of up to 80% of inbound requests and communications.

More User Friendly RPA

Actively engage users and increase adoption by enabling them to easily action RPA processes in a language they understand and remove the need for coding.

Reduced Operational Costs

Streamline your processes, reduce time wasted and minimise errors leading to improved operational expenditure.

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