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Lawrence and Wedlock - Podcast
Bot Bytes: If we could talk to the Robots!

With the continuing rise of automation influencing the future of work, Adam Harold, CEO of Humley (www.humley.com) shares how beneficial Conversational AI is becoming to create an enhanced, superior and orchestrated connection between robots and the people who benefit from and use them.

ISG - Podcast
Bots and Beyond: Using AI to Benefit Mental Well-Being

In this episode Adam Harrold, CEO and founder of Humley, joins host Wayne Butterfield to discuss how AI technology can be used to benefit employee mental health and well-being in the current context of remote working.

Enhancing RPA with Conversational AI
IT Pro Portal
Hybrid RPA 2021: Conversational AI integration into RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is big business with Gartner predicting the market to be worth approaching $2 billion by 2021. However, part of the success of many of the RPA vendors is their ability to understand the need for multiple automation technologies and vendors in order to automate end to end processes and deliver true transformation. 

HR Zone
Interview: How AI can empower more people-focused remote working

Could AI help put the ‘human’ back into ‘human resources’ for remote workers? Adam Harrold, CEO of conversational AI provider Humley, explains how technology could be the key to creating a more human-focused workplace.

Business Cloud
Humley Raises £700,000 to bolster its conversational AI tech

A company which develops conversational assistants capable of manning helpdesks and answering technical enquiries has raised £700,000 to help scale up its operations.

Tech Market View
Remote woking drives demand for converesational AI

I spoke recently with Adam Harrold and Tobias Gooney, CEO and CTO of Humley, a Northampton-based provider of Conversational AI ..

Employer News
Humley’s HR Conversational AI Assistant launched on the UiPath Market Place AI

Humley, an innovative provider of Conversational AI Assistants, has announced the launch of its HR Assistant solution on the UiPath RPA Market Place.

Humley Joins AI Assistant Security Council
UiPath Human-To-Robot Chat Assistance With Humley AI

Humley, the Cognitive Assistant platform, and UiPath today announced a partnership to provide an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant chat solution to help UiPath customers manage robotic processes using natural language.

Hotel Business
Study: Travelers Want Chatbots to Assist with Online Travel Experience AI

The ability to organize and book both business or leisure trips online is now far more convenient than it used to be. Regardless, arranging trips online can still be an exhausting and cumbersome experience. 

Consumer Online Banking Trends 2018
Insider Intelligence
Digital Banking Users Are Turning to Chatbots AI

Though many digital banking users in the US still prefer to talk to a human for their financial needs, a recent study from Humley found that a good number are also turning to chatbots.

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