Integrate all your systems, information and processes within one easy to use digital tool.

What is a Digital HR Assistant?

A Digital HR Assistant is an easy to use Conversational AI tool which enables employees to access all the information they need and perform tasks within one easy to use interface. Crucially Digital Assistants enables HR Teams to focus on the tasks that really matter, delivering strategic business value through automating repetitive and manually intensive tasks involved with processing communications and giving employees instant access to all the information they need in the channels they use, 24/7 regardless of location or time zone.

Benefits of deploying a Digital HR Assistant

30% time saving for HR Teams

80% of employee communications automated 

Improved employee engagement & wellbeing

Enhanced visibility & employee insights

Improved compliance & adoption of handbooks

Integrate of all your systems and information in one platform

Form Hire to Retire - Support employees at every stage of their life cycle

Humley HR Assistant is the employee gateway to the business, the first and second port of call for all information, requests, and tasks.

Humley’s ready to deploy HR solution, comes pre-configured with all of the common employee and candidate HR experiences – speeding up response times, improving candidate quality, retention, engagement and enhancing the employee experience.  

Improve employee experiences & deliver on demand support and information,
whenever and wherever your employees need it.

FAQ's & Support Queries

Enable employees to ask questions and submit queries 24/7 in their preferred channel and delivers meaningful responses in under 2 seconds. 

Humley’s Digital HR Assistant automates the handling of up to 80% of the most commonly asked employee questions – freeing up HR to focus on more strategic and important tasks.

Citizen Support

Search Policies, Documentation & Handbooks

Increase employee engagement with your handbook

Humley’s Digital HR Assistant, company handbooks and FAQ documents can be automatically ingested, regardless of length or complexity, in order to create a wide variety of potential employee questions (intents) and correlating responses.

‍The HR Assistant then utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand the true meaning and intent of an employee’s request and automatically responds with the relevant handbook information or the document itself. 

With a Digital HR Assistant an organisation’s policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are instantly accessible to all employees, whenever and wherever they need it. This not only ensures increased compliance and awareness, but also improves employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

Task Completion & Integrations

Digital Assistant’s can even be used to assist employees and managers complete tasks such as booking travel, checking holiday and even updating personal information. Through providing pre-built integrations to 3rd party business systems such as HR, L&D and payroll as well as automation technologies such as RPA, the Assistant is able to seamlessly retrieve and update information in just a few seconds. 

These integrations mean that all of an organisation’s and employees is available securely and at a touch of button – removing the need to navigate multiple complex systems and delivering significant time savings.  

Humley's HR Assistant comes ready to deploy with integrations with the leading HR software providers. Some of the solutions we integrate with:

If you would like to find out more about how a Digital HR Assistant could support your organisation or to access your 30 day free trial, get in touch today. 

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