Build Powerful Conversations, No Code

60 minutes to set up a use case. Our straightforward tooling allows your business experts to set up, integrate, test, and refine experiences quickly and easily, no coding required.

Our platform enables enterprises to create powerful conversational experiences

We don’t believe you should have to be an expert in chatbots and AI, just an expert in your business and your customers – which is why we have designed Humley Studio with subject-matter experts in mind. 

Humley Studio

Our easy to use tool kit avoids the need to learn a programming language, whilst allowing for flexibility to orchestrate a whole range of outside services and tools.

Humley Studio is the intuitive tool that enables you to build, monitor and improve your conversational assistants that enhance your customers and employee’s experiences – offering real value for your organisation.


Key Platform Features

Humley Studio Benefits

Spend more time focusing on solving problems, not code.


300% faster to deploy 

Humley’s platform automates the setup of the elements required to build conversational assistants. Through the use of preconfigured conversational rules, user experiences and automated AI training. 

Ease of Use

We abstract the complexity of the AI away from the users and allow them to concentrate on creating awesome experiences. This means our platform can deliver class leading assistants that can be deployed by the subject matter experts – not IT Teams.


All the integrations you need available out of the box, including your existing AI solutions. All seamlessly managed end to end in the Humley platform. 

We currently Orchestrate between 30-50 APIs from AI and technology providers, including our own AI – Octavo, to create the best experiences possible with the latest technology available.

Knowledge Search

Humley’s Conversational Assistants makes a company’s knowledge infinitely more accessible to its customers, both internal and external. 

After ingestion of knowledge content, we use AI to enrich the data to help search accuracy and results, and then in real time we use AI to help understand exactly what the user wants, ensuring that what is returned is of more specific relevance.

Task Fulfilment

Humley aims to create action out of every customer interaction, by making the platform easy to integrate into existing business systems and RPA tools. These can then be linked easily into conversational experiences making task completion simple and creating a user experience that fulfils the user requirement.


Integration with existing business systems and RPA enables up to date customer information to be gathered, stored and provided without recourse to assisted channels, reducing the need to transfer customers and employees between departments. Reducing customer and business effort, whilst increasing customer satisfaction, and allowing agents to focus on higher value-added work, which leads to increased engagement.

Introducing Humley Octavo

We created Octavo (Humley AI and IP) to enable our customers to deliver fast harvesting the data that they already have in their business. 

AI is only as powerful as the models that power it. Building these takes time and expertise. Octavo solves this problem by using the ingested data and seed training material to automatically generate different utterances. Fully built into Humley studio this means our customers can deploy in weeks compared to months.

Building your Conversational Assistants with Octavo

Octavo also forms Humley’s own NLU and NLP capability. This means that we can deploy using our own AI and not use any third parties. This enables customers to deploy in highly secure on premises environments within customer networks.

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