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Global Manufacturer deploy Humley’s
Digital HR Assistant

A global manufacturing company has deployed Humley’s Digital HR Assistant to deliver efficiencies to their HR Team though automating the handling of employee communications and travel bookings.

30% time saving delivered to HR Team

The manufacturer is renowned for its innovative use of material products around the world in industries such as Automotive, Construction, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Energy, electronics, sports, and leisure. This forward-thinking ethos means that they are always seeking ways to improve and deliver efficiencies within their processes.

Benefits Achieved

Deployment in under 6 weeks
All employee queries routed through the Digital Assistant
80% of staff requests and tasks automated
Improved employee experience
Increased handbook usage & policy awareness

The Business Challenge

The company’s HR Team were receiving a high volume of communications and requests from one of their regional offices. The part time availability of the team and increasing amount of queries meant that responses were slower than usual and a backlog of unanswered emails and travel requests were building up, preventing the HR team from completing their day to day work.

The manufacturer already had some experience of Intelligent Automation technology and its benefits and were using UiPath’s RPA bots to automate the processing of travel booking requests.

Admin Support Assistant

Humley's Solution

Humley’s Assistant enables organisations to enhance employee experiences and generate operational efficiencies through the provision of 24/7, on demand, AI powered text-based assistant.

Humley deployed their innovative Digital HR Assistant, an easy to use, quick to deploy, enterprise Conversational AI platform. The platform enables organisations to enhance employee experiences and generate operational efficiencies through the provision of 24/7, on demand, AI powered text-based assistant.

In order to streamline and deliver efficiencies to the handling of inbound employee queries and tasks, Humley’s platform automatically ingested the manufacturer’s existing employee handbook and FAQs. This created a knowledge base of over 250 customised HR queries and associated tasks, ultimately reducing the complexity and time required for building the platform for the business. 

In addition, structured conversations were built within the platform in conjunction with Humley’s UiPath integration to support the RPA travel booking process.

Watch the video to find out more

Business Value

As a result of Humley’s rapid technology deployment, the manufacturer was able to launch the HR Assistant within 6 weeks. Humley’s HR Assistant has meant that the HR team no longer rely on their phone and email services for employee support and instead all queries are routed through the Digital Assistant, freeing up staff to focus on higher value and strategic tasks.


The platform now automates 80% of staff requests and tasks, significantly reducing response times and improving employee experiences. As well as increasing productivity through minimising the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.

Furthermore, Humley’s solution has enabled significant cost savings and supported business growth without the need for additional recruitment within the HR Team.

Get in touch today to start your Digital Transformation journey with Humley and access your 30 day free trial.

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