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Transforming Member Experiences with an Intelligent Pensions Agent

Empower members to take control of their pension by providing a unified hub for all queries and tasks.

The agent is available 24/7 and can be deployed to deployed across multiple channels including web browsers, mobile and instant messaging platforms such as MS Teams.


Of businesses and their employees are challenged by overcomplicated pensions administration. (Smarterly)

The Agent supports members with general pension queries such as ‘What age can I retire?’, as well as providing information on scheme-specific requests and enabling actions such as securely updating personal information.

The solution not only significantly improves member experiences through reducing waiting times and provides assurance, but also helps to improve policy awareness among employees and data accuracy for organisations.

The Intelligent Pensions Agent helps pension providers and organisations to significantly improve member experiences by enabling them to more effectively self-serve through an easy-to-use conversational interface.

Benefits of Deploying an Intelligent Pensions Agent




Average 75% of member pensions queries & tasks automated. 

Solution Key Features

To enable organisations to quickly and easily take advantage of the benefits of the Intelligent Pensions Agent, we have developed a features and functionality designed to support a business at every stage of their pensions journey – from simple advice to more personalised scheme support and even empowering members to plan for their retirement.

Find out more about the features: 

Powered by integrations and a knowledge base of 100’s of commonly asked pensions questions, this feature enables members to ask questions such as ‘What age can I retire?’ or ‘How much isa state pension?’.

Empower members to plan for their retirement through providing easy access to tools such as E Value and Money Hub. E.g. How much money do I need to retire?

For more sensitive queries or for when you just need to speak to someone. The agent enables a seamless handover to a member of the Support team utilising Live Person.

If you already have a retirement of pensions calculator as part of your scheme, the Agent can cater for this. Providing all the functionality your members need to make informed decisions.

Enable members to ask questions that are personalised to their pension scheme. Utilising an organisation’s scheme policy information and secure user credentials, the Agent can provide support for questions such as ‘ How much is currently in my pension?’.

Enable members to take control of their pension and perform key administration tasks. The Agent supports users with tasks such as accessing their benefits, changing their bank details, address and beneficiaries all within a secure conversational assistant.

Enhanced Insights & Reporting

To help organisations and trustees more proactively manage their member pensions and provide enhanced support, the Intelligent Pensions Agent comes with BI reports.

These reports provide you with insights into not only service metrics such as the number of queries successfully managed and member satisfaction, but also information about the types of queries asked and sentiment. Helping you to more comprehensively understand your pension requirements and empowering you to make more informed decisions.

More Than Your Average Chatbot

Advanced Technology

Humley’s innovative use of Conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning means the agent can understand a far greater range of conversational exchanges, ensuring more personalised and engaging user experiences.

Pre-Built Integrations & Actionability

Pre-built integrations with the leading ticketing, support, CRM, and Case Management systems as well as the RPA vendors delivers actionability to users by enabling them to perform tasks without the need for additional support.

What Makes The Solution Different?

Our solution’s combination of automated setup, orchestration of best-of-breed AI providers, automated no-code setup, and easy-to-use configuration tools mean that organisations can deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost-effective

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