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Transforming the way People Interact with Businesses via Conversational AI.

Humley’s AI Assistant enables organisation to rapidly deploy Conversational AI Assistants across a wide variety of industries and functions including support, contact centres, HR, Finance and IT.

Conversational AI Solutions
Connected with your business. Studio comes with templated integrations
to the systems and channels your people use.

Humley Studio has revolutionized businesses across various industries, delivering state-of-the-art conversational AI solutions that support customers, service agents, and employees. Humley’s Assistants provide on-demand information and seamless self-service options across multiple channels, effortlessly connecting and engaging users with businesses.

The possibilities with Studio are boundless. Whether it’s offering top-notch customer support, handling general FAQs, managing orders or claims, diving into product intricacies, or navigating complex databases – Humley’s capabilities stand unmatched in the field.

Embrace Studio’s transformative potential and unlock a world of growth and success for your business.


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Insurance &
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Conversational AI for customer support & contact centres

Reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction with a 24/7 omnichannel Conversational Assistant.


Increase First Time

Studio’s utilisation of NLP and Machine Learning means it able to provide more accurate and personalised responses.


Cost to Serve

Deflect customer contacts from your support teams through providing an automated self-serve experience.

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Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Free Up agents to focus on the tasks that matter the most and deliver efficiencies to your business.


Scale on

Studio means you can quickly and easily grow customer engagements, providing consistent support regardless of volumes.

Empowering HR teams
& employees
with a Virtual Assistant.

Humley’s Digital Assistant eliminates the need for employees and managers to navigate complex HR, Payroll and Business systems and reduces the pressure on HR Teams through automating all of the common HR requests and associated tasks.

Free up IT support teams
& deliver exceptional service.

Reduce the pressure on IT Teams by enabling users to resolve their own tech issues and queries quickly and seamlessly.

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There is no need for employees and customers to wait for a response, they get the answer they need when they need it.

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Free Up
IT Time

Through deflecting contacts from IT teams, they are freed up to fcus on sprints and other critical tasks.

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Ensure users are kept up to date with IT policies and security to miinimise risk of breaches and non-compliance.

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