Creating a Unified Hub for all your Employee Interactions & Processes

42% of employees surveyed by Humley stated that they weren’t sure of the best communication channel or the best person to speak with to find out the information that they needed resulting in delays and frustration. With a Conversational Assistant, these challenges can be overcome by providing employees with one point of contact for all their information and processes.

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How do HR Leaders balance employee and organisational needs?

HR departments are the gateway between employees, management teams, and boards. They play a fundamental role in communicating an organisation’s strategy to employees and providing feedback to management teams on experiences to guide future planning. HR teams, therefore, must walk the difficult tight rope of balancing both the strategic priorities of management and the everyday operational and wellbeing needs of their staff. This blog seeks to explore how technology can help HR professionals effectively balance these demands.

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2021 – The Year of HR

With such a fundamental shift in thinking towards an organisation’s relationship with its employees, HR will cement its position as the cornerstone for driving future success through championing the employee.

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31% of employees are struggling to balance personal and work life

The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Wellbeing

2020 has been a year like no other, with organisations facing unprecedented challenges and changes to the way they operate because of COVID-19. Yet, it is the individuals within these organisations who have felt the biggest impact on their lives – both professional and personal. From limitations on their social interactions, leisure time and even working habits.

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Increase employee engagement with your handbook

How do you Increase Employee Engagement with your Handbook?

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that employees understand company guidance and expectations in order to remain compliant and safe. Yet a recent study conducted by American HR specialist XpertHR, found that 66% of HR professionals find it challenging to get their employees to read the company handbook.

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