Free 30 days of the Digital HR Assistant for BambooHR Customers

Are you a BambooHR user? Do you want to simplify your processes and improve employee access to information and administration tasks? Easily integrate Humley’s Conversational Assistant with your existing platform and provide employees with instant access to all the information and tasks they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

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3 Key Areas Employees Need Support From HR

The challenges of last year and pandemic have meant employees are relying on HR Teams and managers more than ever to support and reassure them as they get to grips with the new world of work. The below are 3 key areas where employees typically require the most help from HR teams and how Conversational Assistants can support them.

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Are Your Employees Ready to Return to the Office?

Conversational Assistants enable organisations to not only significantly improve employee experience but also their confidence in returning to the office, through providing them with an on-demand resource for information and guidance, improving awareness and overall safety. 

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Creating a Unified Hub for all your Employee Interactions & Processes

42% of employees surveyed by Humley stated that they weren’t sure of the best communication channel or the best person to speak with to find out the information that they needed resulting in delays and frustration. With a Conversational Assistant, these challenges can be overcome by providing employees with one point of contact for all their information and processes.

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Putting the Human back into HR with AI

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that HR Teams can connect with employees to ensure they are supported. Through combining technology and human support, HR Teams will be able to ensure the well-being and future success of their organisations and people.

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20 July 2022, 12:00 – 12:45 BST