How do businesses make a 4 day week work?

Whilst the benefits are clear, the change might not work for all industries and there are still concerns regarding increasing demands on services and how organisations would be able to meet these with fewer resources 5 days a week. So, the question for businesses is, how can they do more with less? Intelligent Automation could offer a solution, enabling businesses to run services and processes 24/7 with minimal human support.

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HR Guide to Intelligent Automation

Over the last year, there has been a monumental shift in the view of the role of HR. HR teams have been at the heart of many initiatives to support employees and plan for a future driven by more flexible working. As such, HR departments have become the focus for Digital Transformation.

Below is a guide to help HR leaders get to grips with some of the most common technology available in the market and how they can be deployed to transform the lives of HR Teams and employees.

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Getting Over The Line With Intelligent Automation

With the recent strains of the pandemic, many businesses have turned to Intelligent Automation as a solution to enable them to deliver efficiencies and cost savings. Yet often, many business leaders struggle to turn an initial conversation about Intelligent Automation into actual value.

Below, is a brief guide on how leaders can convert initial engagement in the world of Intelligent Automation into tangible and sustainable transformation for their organisation.

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Reducing the pressure on contact centres through enabling customer self-service

There is a solution to help reduce the pressure on contact centres by enabling customers to more effectively self-serve and manage their requests without the need for human support. Conversational AI is the next evolution of chatbots, providing enhanced capabilities through its utilisation of Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding and in the case of Humley’s solution, actionability through integrations with RPA and internal business systems.

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What Is Conversational AI And Why Does It Matter?

Conversational AI applications have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with better access to technologies such as machine learning and NLU improving their capabilities and delivering even greater benefits to organisations. But as with any new ‘AI’ technology, it is important to understand what the application really is to move beyond the hype.

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3 Trends for Conversational AI in 2021

Many organisations are already starting to reap the benefits of Conversational AI Assistants across their processes. However, as with any new technology, it is continually evolving to anticipate and better fulfil the needs of users. The below is a summary of the top 3 trends for Conversational AI in 2021.

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