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What is a Digital HR Assistant?

A Digital HR Assistant is a Conversational interface that enables employees to make requests and perform tasks, 24/7 and across any channel.

The platform utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, to understand human language and provide meaningful to the user. 

Where the platform differs from traditional chatbots, is through its automatic ingestion of documents to create bespoke employee conversations and  extensive integrations with HRIS and HCM systems, which means using secure logins, it can retrieve and update information in one system. This integration capability also enables the assistant to automate tasks such as travel booking, updating timesheets, and even booking candidate interviews through connecting with RPA and other automation technologies.

The HR Assistant is the employee gateway to the business, the first and second port of call for all information and requests. Delivering true transformation and efficiencies through automation of end to end processes.

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