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How do Energy Providers Deal with the Aftermath of 2021?

Harnessing the power of Intelligent Automation to turn the tide

In their latest white paper, Humley’s partner VKY Intelligent Automation, explore the recent challenges facing the energy and utilities industry and how technology can help them manage and overcome them.  

“As of the end of 2021, 29 energy companies, nearly a third of the market have ceased trading, impacting over two million customers. Many of these have been switched to other providers to ensure continuity of service. However, what this has meant for the providers that remain is that they are now inundated with a vast number of new customers.

These customers have queries and concerns, require some onboarding, and have different requirements. No doubt, this has placed additional strains on resources such as contract centre teams and processes, requiring these providers to scale quickly and beyond what their existing infrastructures might be able to cope with.”

The white paper explores how technologies such as RPA and Conversational AI are helping organisations to scale up support for customers whilst reducing the pressure on contact centrers and internal teams, delivering not just improved experiences but also cost savings.

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