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Enhancing Blue Prism’s Digital Workers with Conversational AI Assistants

Create Amazing Experiences & Deliver Efficiencies to End-to-End processes

The combination of Humley’s Conversational AI and Blue Prism’s digital workforce means that organisations can be truly transformative across a wider variety of internal processes such as IT, HR, Customer Service, and Sales. The solution enables businesses to achieve not only significant operational efficiencies but also improves employee and customer experiences.


Connecting your Employees & Customers with your Business & Processes

Improved User Experiences

Average 80% positive customer feedback achieved through providing on-demand support and task orchestration in the channels they actually use.

Increased Productivity

Average 30% time saving for operational teams through streamlining the handling of up to 80% of inbound requests and communications.

More User-Friendly RPA

Actively engage users and increase adoption by enabling them to easily action RPA processes in a language they understand and remove the need for coding.

Reduced Costs

Streamline your processes, reduce time wasted and minimise errors leading to improved operational expenditure. 

How it Works

Humley Studio allows for a seamless connection to Blue Prism – out of the box we’ve built a number of different Integrations to help you get started. Whether you’re starting a job, managing robots, or something else, we’ve made it simple to easily integrate Robot Process Automation into your chat experience.

>>> Example Employee Onboarding Experience

Transform your Business Processes

Human Resources

Employee Digital Assistant

Enhance employee experience & free up HR experts to focus on higher-value tasks with a 24/7 Digital Assistant. 

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Development & Training 
  • Time & Attendance Management 
  • Admin Support
  • Offboarding 

Contact Centres

Combine Humley’s Conversational Assistants with ServiceAssist to reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Complaints & Raise Tickets
  • FAQs 
  • Claims
  • Deliveries & Order Updates 
  • Financial Support
  • Update details 

IT & Helpdesks

Provide employees, customers, and
suppliers with on-demand support and

  • Raise Tickets 
  • FAQs & General Queries 
  • Set Up New Devices & Systems Access
  • Knowledge Search


Reduce the pressure on Finance and Procurement teams and improve customer experiences by providing a unified source for information and processes.

  • Invoice Generation 
  • PO Generation & Look Up 
  • Supplier Onboarding 
  • Invoice Look Up 
  • General FAQs & Support 

CoE & Automation Teams

Improve access to and adoption in Intelligent Automation through deploying an easy to use Conversational Assistant. 

  • General Queries & FAQs
  • Employee Support 
  • Discovery Bot 
  • Knowledge Base & Guidance 
  • Task Orchestration

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