Enhancing your RPA deployment
with AI Assistants

The combination of Conversational AI and RPA means that organisations can be truly transformative across a wide variety of internal processes such as IT, HR, Customer Service and Sales.

The solution enables businesses to achieve not only delivers significant operational efficiencies to end to end processes, but also improve employee and customer experiences.

Orchestrate your bots & processes 24/7

Combining RPA & Conversational AI

Humley’s Conversational Assistant, utilise AI technologies, including NLP and Machine Learning to understand the true meaning an intent of unstructured human language.

The platform is able to automate the processing of customer, employee and
supplier requests and communications in real time, over multiple channels (web, voice and mobile) and can guide customers or employees through a series of questions in order to fulfil tasks such as travel booking or order placement.

Humley’s Assistant integrates with RPA bots and provides structured data for upload into business systems, triggering emails and further actions.

Humley’s Conversational AI can even be used by organisations to initiate RPA bot processes on demand, 24/7, making them more accessible and effective.

Deliver significant efficiencies to end-to-end processes

Enable digital transformation within critical business processes with Humley’s Intelligent Automation solution.

HR & Employee
IT & Help Desks
IT & Help Desks
Customer Service & Live Agent Support
Customer Service & Live Agent Support
Sales & Finance Processes
Sales & Finance

How it works

Our solution’s combination of automated setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers, automated no code set up and easy to use configuration tools, means that organisations can deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective.

"Through combining RPA and Conversational AI applications such as the UiPath robots and Humley’s HR Assistant organisations can digitize and improve the efficiency of handling employee communications and data-driven processes."
Bogdan Nedelcov
Head of Product Alliances, Uipath

Key Features

RPA Vendors Humley Integrates with:

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