Humley and Lawrence & Wedlock partner to deliver automation solutions for the workforce of tomorrow, today

Humley, an innovative provider of Conversational Assistants, and Lawrence and Wedlock, a leading Intelligent Process Automation Solutions & Services Provider, have today announced their strategic partnership. This is a significant partnership that enables organisations to access the combined power of Conversational AI (including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and analytics) and RPA bots to deliver significant process efficiencies and transformation.

With the continuing rise of automation influencing the future of work, the addition of Conversational AI to RPA deployments enables organisations to orchestrate and access processes much more easily. 

The solution means non-technical teams, such as HR and Customer Support, can quickly and easily comprehend, action and trigger processes within a language they understand – significantly improving adoption and scale across the business.

In addition, the Intelligent Automation solution means that businesses can extend automation efficiencies across end-to-end processes such as IT, HR, Sales and Customer Support. 

Enhancing RPA with Conversational AI

The two technologies enable the automation of inbound communications, requests received from customers, employees and suppliers and the associated tasks required to process them.

For example, Humley’s Assistant provides a prebuilt integration to UiPath bots to retrieve information for response enrichment, provide data for upload, updates into business systems and can be used to trigger further automation activity such as travel bookings or approvals.

The partnership leverages Humley’s best of breed AI and Lawrence & Wedlock’s expertise in deploying RPA solutions. This means that businesses will be able to access a solution that delivers real value for shareholders, employees, and customers alike – delivering an effective and scalable solution for the workforce of tomorrow, today.

“There is a lot of hype surrounding intelligent automation technologies, so Lawrence & Wedlock’s straight-talking and practical approach to RPA is a refreshing one. Our partnership with them will enable organisations to not only access market leading RPA & Conversational AI but, will also enable businesses to deploy automation solutions which are more user friendly – ensuring greater adoption, scalability and ensuring success.”
Adam Harrold
CEO, Humley
“Redefining the future of work for any business requires making intelligent process automation a totally seamless and very human experience, and we feel the Humley platform is the best available in achieving this.”
Daniel Lawrence
MD & Co-Founder

You can find out more about the benefits of combining RPA and Conversational AI in the ‘Bot Bytes’ Podcast – S1E5: “If we could talk to the Robots!”

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