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Transforming Finance & Procurement with Conversational AI

The Finance and Procurement functions within an organisation carry a high level of responsibility, ensuring the profitability and success of a business – from selecting the right goods and services to ensuring compliance, receiving and reconciliation, invoicing, new supplier onboarding, and payments. 

Yet these vital processes are often manually intensive, paper-based, and are reliant on information that is siloed within multiple (often legacy) systems leading to difficulties in data retrieval, errors, delays as well as inhibiting productivity.

The Solution: Conversational AI

With Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant organisations can deliver significant efficiencies and improve data access by providing a unified point of contact. The Assistant enables procurement and finance teams to submit questions, make requests and perform tasks such as checking the status of an invoice or submitting a PO all within one multi-channel conversational interface. Delivering significant time savings for teams, helping to eliminate lengthy paper trails, improving data accuracy and user experiences.

Benefits of Deploying a Conversational Assistant

Average 30% time savings for operational teams

Increased operational efficiencies

Improved payment cycles and access to early payment discounts

Improved accuracy of data for audit and compliance

Enhanced employee, customer, and supplier experiences

Humley’s Conversational Assistant is available from any location, 24/7 and can be deployed to a wide variety of communication channels including web, instant messenger (Slack, MS Teams, etc.), mobile, and voice and comes pre-built with all the common experiences that your procurement and finance teams might need – making it simple and quick to deploy. 

Crucially, Humley’s Assistant is ready to deploy with integrations to the leading finance, accounting, and CRM systems as well as RPA bots to enable an automatic and secure retrieval and update of information. On average Humley’s platform delivers meaningful responses and actionability to users in under 2 seconds.

Example Use Cases


Guide customers and suppliers through the natural consequence of a conversation to gather relevant information for invoices for upload to internal systems and approvals processes.

PO Generation & Look Up

Guide users through questions to allocate correct POs and Tax codes as well as enabling teams to check the status of existing orders.


Guide suppliers through onboarding validation and information gathering and submit to systems and approvals.

Look Up

Securely retrieve information about the status of an invoice or order details status of existing orders.

General FAQs &

Enable internal users, suppliers, and customers to submit queries about processes, guidelines, and regulations.

If you would like to find out more about how to transform your Finance and Procurement processes with Conversational AI, get in touch today. 

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